Gone are the days when people use to watch their favorite sports on their cable TVs. Honestly, people do not have time to watch sports during their live telecasts. They don’t need to be in front of their TV set as well. This is where online streaming comes in handy. One can watch wherever they want and whenever they want. Kodi is one such lifesaver for those who want to save time and watch live sports stream while on the go. One can choose to watch live f1 streams or can watch on-demand from various sports add-ons that can be added.

Here are some of the popular sports add-ons that can come helpful.

Redbull TV

This allows live TV and also on-demand channels. It has worldwide availability and can be found in the repository of the Kodi. Redbull is one of the most popular websites where people can watch their favorite sports live and on-demand. It applies to phones and digital devices. 

But, now, this network can be watched on Kodi as well. It is completely legal and is official as well. This makes the installation process a breeze. One can easily install it and start watching without much effort and work.

Iplayer WWW

 This is a UK network, but with a VPN’s help, one can watch the network from anywhere. This is found in the repository of the Kodi and is officially an add-on as well. It has all types of content from movies to shows to sports through the BBC. It is perfect for watching live sports events both from the UK and other parts of the world. 

This add-on allows watching various other videos from the library, including replays, which can watch at any time. The best thing is that the content is regularly updated for the viewers and can be enjoyed at any time. 


Those who love watching sports know that no network can top the ESPN game. This add-on is a part of the Kodi repository and is official means that can be downloaded and installed easily. They have some of the best high-quality streams of all the sports.

This add-on allows watching various content from channels like ESPN, ESPNU, ESPN2, ESPN news, etc. one thing to remember is that this add-on is only available in the US, and one should also have a valid subscription of cable to get it installed.

NBC sports live 

This is also an add-on that broadcast USA network games and is a part of the NBC network. This add-on is a perfect choice for those who want to watch various games and sports ranging from badminton to hockey to football to soccer to f1 streams. Also, the quality of the streaming of NBC is much better than that of other competitors. 

The content available on this add-on is much wider as compared to others. One can watch live streaming of various sports events; can watch the news, the replays at any time. And the best thing is that everything gets updated quickly and fast.

Fox Sports GO

Lastly, the Fox network plays a major role in the live streaming of sports. They have a large collection of content streamed from various sources like FS1, FS2, BTN, Fox, etc. This network is found in the USA only, and to watch one should have a proper cable subscription. But others can watch with VPN services.

One can watch live streaming of the sports and pre-match streams, documentaries, replays, etc.

Choosing the right add-on for the Kodi can help one enjoy live streaming through web services at any time and anywhere. It can help in sifting through large variety f content and finding that suite one the best.


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