Puzzles have been a classic form of entertainment since time immemorial. Even with the emergence of sophisticated gaming devices like Xbox, PlayStation, and PCs, puzzle games still remain popular among all age groups. Mobile phones can also provide an excellent platform for puzzlers to hone their skills. Here we present 7 best puzzle games available for both Android and iOS that will keep you engaged and entertained:

1) Arrowwood

This תשחץ crossword-style game is a great way to practice your vocabulary while having fun. It comes with over 10,000 puzzles in different styles, from easy to difficult. With its intuitive design and interface, you can quickly start playing without any hassle. Features like hints and tips are also included to make it easier for new players.

2) Word Connect

A word search game with a twist! In this game, you must connect the letters on the grids to form words before time runs out. You can choose from multiple levels spanning from easy to hard so there’s something for everyone regardless of their skill level in solving puzzles. The added bonus here is that you can compete against your friends or other players online and show off your word-making prowess!

3) Unblock Me

Test your problem-solving skills by clearing paths in this popular puzzle game! You move wooden blocks until a piece has an open path to exit the board. As you progress through the levels, more blocks are added, creating increasingly challenging problems for you to solve. There’s even a Daily Challenge mode if you want a real challenge every day!

4) Sudoku

The classic number-based puzzle game makes its mobile debut! This edition takes things up a notch by adding different levels of difficulty, from very easy to extremely tough challenges. There are also different color themes to make each puzzle look visually appealing!

5) Cut The Rope 2

Move sweets to feed Om Nom his treat using ropes and gravity in this sequel to the hit physics puzzler Cut The Rope. Play as Om Nom’s friend who helps him collect candy while avoiding obstacles such as spiders & spikes along the way, resulting in some intense puzzle action at times!

6) Monument Valley

Guide Princess Ida through mysterious monuments full of optical illusions in this beautiful world set in M C Escher-inspired architecture. With stunning visuals and a surreal soundtrack, Monument Valley offers hours of intriguing puzzles that require careful observation & patience to successfully solve!

7) Two Dots

Draw lines connecting colored dots while trying not to run out of moves at each level. As you progress through the game, additional elements such as bombs & blockades will be introduced, making your task even harder than before! With hundreds of unique levels across 4 colorful chapters, Two Dots offers plenty of opportunities for those looking for creative ways to solve tricky puzzles!


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