There are many types of treadmills on the market, so which one will work best for you? In this article we break down the different models and help you figure out which kind is right for you.

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The treadmill

This type of machine is typically found in health clubs or other places where there’s a lot of space. The treadmill allows an individual to move around while staying stationary, which is perfect if you’re looking to strengthen your upper body and lower body.

One of the problems with having a treadmill is that it can be quite expensive. You’ll need to spend a good amount of money just to get the best model, but they tend to last for years because they don’t have too many moving parts.

If someone comes over and tries to sell you a treadmill, you might want to take a look at what they’re offering because chances are it isn’t going to be worth as much as you think it is.

Another thing to keep in mind when choosing a treadmill is that you’ll probably end up spending more than $1,000. This is due to the fact that the higher-end models offer better quality features like LCD screens, extra running programs and heart rate monitoring systems.

What about the belt?

When purchasing a treadmill, you’ll notice that many models come with belts instead of rubber mats. The reason why most people choose to go with this is because they’re easy to clean and won’t leave any marks behind.

You should always make sure that the belt is made from either soft foam rubber or a leather material. If it’s made out of hard plastic, you won’t be able to walk on it without leaving some scratches.

It’s also important to note that you’ll usually find a place where you can purchase replacement parts. If it stops working properly, you can buy new belts or even replace the entire motor assembly.

Pneumatic Treadmill

A pneumatic treadmill is similar to a regular one except it uses air pressure instead of a motor to push the runner forward.

This type of device was originally created by NASA during the 1960s because they needed a way to simulate gravity on astronauts.

These machines were later used to train soldiers who flew in airplanes after they returned home. They’re still being used today to assist those with injuries or disabilities.

The only problem with these devices is their high price tag. You’ll need to pay hundreds of dollars just to get the best one.

However, if you plan on using it for recreational purposes, it’s definitely worth it.

Incline Treadmill

An incline treadmill offers runners an option to run on a curved surface. This type of treadmill has been gaining popularity in recent years because it makes exercising easier for those who have trouble running uphill.

Unlike normal treadmills, you’ll find that the inclined ones aren’t very portable. But if you know where you’ll be using them, then this isn’t really a problem.

They do cost a fair bit of money, but you could save yourself a few thousand dollars if you buy them online. Just remember that you’ll need to invest in a carrying case along with a set of stairs or ramps to use it properly.

Heart Rate Monitors

Many people use heart rate monitors to stay motivated during workouts. These devices measure the number of beats per minute (BPM) that you’re producing and track how fast you’re progressing.

They come in both manual and automatic versions. Manual heart rate monitors require users to press buttons manually whenever they feel like it and then record the results at the end of each workout. On the other hand, automatic heart rate monitors automatically measure your pulse throughout the day and report back to you.

While many people enjoy the convenience that these devices provide, they’re not cheap. For example, the Polar Heart Rate Monitor costs $99.95.

This doesn’t mean that you can never use one though. You can get a pretty good deal if you shop around.

Recumbent Treadmill

The recumbent treadmill is the opposite of traditional treadmills. It’s designed to mimic a cross country race, where the runner lies flat on their stomach instead of standing upright.

This style of treadmill is ideal if you live in an area where hills are common. It also helps reduce the risk of injury because it reduces stress on certain joints.

On top of that, the recumbent design makes it easier for children to use since they don’t have to stand up to use it.

Because it’s designed differently, you’ll end up paying a little bit less money when you decide to buy one. But you’ll still have to fork over a couple hundred bucks to get something decent.

Freestanding Treadmill

As opposed to the treadmill that you see in the gym, a freestanding one sits on its own. It doesn’t need to be hooked up to anything else and doesn’t require the presence of an instructor.

For that reason, individuals can exercise anytime and anywhere, even if they’re traveling abroad. However, you’ll want to make sure that you purchase one that can handle all kinds of surfaces and terrains.

Some examples of such devices include the NordicTrack Freestyle Series and ProForm Fitness Revolution. These products come with shock absorbers to prevent injuries when you jump or land on them.

Rotary Treadmill

A rotary treadmill is a hybrid between a treadmill and a rowing machine. It lets you run on a circular path and rotate clockwise or counterclockwise depending on your preference.

The rotating motion mimics the motion of a real bicycle wheel and is great for strengthening your core muscles. That’s why many athletes choose to use them before their training sessions.

If you have a tight budget, buying a rotary treadmill might not be the best idea because they’re rather expensive. But if you have enough money, you might consider getting one.

Stair Climber Treadmill

This type of treadmill is meant for indoor use only. It’s a stationary machine that allows users to climb stairs instead of walking on a flat floor. One advantage of having one of these is that you don’t have to worry about slipping and falling while exercising.

Most stair climbers are equipped with a display screen and a control panel. Depending on the manufacturer and model, you may find that you can adjust the speed and incline settings.

But if you don’t want to spend a bunch of cash, you can purchase one that’s already assembled. Some companies offer preassembled stair climbers for around $300.

Outdoor Treadmill

You’ve probably seen these types of treadmills outside, especially in health clubs. These models are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and outdoor usage. They’re built tough and are usually very sturdy and durable.

Some of these machines can go up to 30 miles per hour, making them perfect for joggers and racers. In addition, they have a low center of gravity so they won’t topple over easily.

You’ll also find that they’re extremely portable and lightweight. They’re perfect for people who travel frequently and want to bring their fitness equipment along with them.


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