Animation involves the management and exploitation of still images to generate the illusion of movement. Many still images are used to create animated movies.  The images are put together one after the other and then played at a very fast speed. In simple words, animation means giving life to pictures.  The biggest use of animation is for entertainment. The animation is seen on Television, mobile phones, all over the internet, etc. The most successful creation of animation is a cartoon. There is innumerable information available on the Homepage of the animation website.

The animation is mostly used to occupy children, as it gives them something to laugh on. It is clearly visible how addicted the young generation is to animation. Children are widely attracted to animation and cartoons. Cartoons like Tom and Jerry and Doraemon have proved that animation can be a wide source of entertainment and business. Many movies these days are created using animation. Films like ‘Shrek’ and ‘Finding Nemo’ gained a massive profit from people watching them and buying the merchandise. The animation isn’t just for children’s programs like American Dad and Family Guy are animations that get adults laughing. Animation acts as a strong medium to divert the children’s minds. It can keep children away from everything and just stick to cartoon and animated movies. Animated movies like Barbie and Cinderella have largely influenced girls all around the world. After the massive hit of Barbie movies, there came the Barbie toys, Barbie gowns, accessories, etc. These products have gained profit and encouraged many more businesses related to them.

Animation has given profession to many people. To create an animation movie there are many people required; the crew, engineer, directors, producers, actors, etc. There is a strong and compatible voice required to mimic an animated character. Animation has given life to many characters. It has given life to many people. It has created its own beautiful world.

Animation in Advertisement and Games:

Animation plays a big part in an advertisement. An example of animation in advertising is the Dancing Pony Advert by the phone company ‘Three’, this advert attracted millions of people all over the world to their website. These companies have gained massive profit through the animated method of advertisement. The animation is also widely used in Games. In the gaming industry, most of the things depend on animation. Without a model, a programmer cannot program the game and therefore they need to create an animated model. Texturing, lighting, rigging, all are done by the animation students or professionals to start a game.

5 types of animation:

  • 3D
  • Hand drawn
  • Vector
  • Stop motion
  • Motion graphics

3D animation is the most popular type of animation which is used in films currently, and it’s become common in TV and short films. . In hand-drawn animation the artist has to draw thousands of images on a special photographed frame by frame.  Traditional animation is the toughest animation process and requires a lot of effort and hard work. Victor based animation is cheap and easy to access.  Motion graphic animation works best for advertisement projects and designing the opening of the film title.


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