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How Stress Effects Neurotransmitters

The brain uses feelgood transmitters called endorphins when managing daily stress When the brain requires larger amounts of endorphins to handle increased stress the ratio of many of the other transmitters one to another becomes upset creating a chemical imbalance We begin to feel stress more acutely a sense of urgency and anxiety creates even more stress As a result harmful chemicals are released in our bodies that may do damage causing more stress This vicious cycle is called the stress cycle Emotional fatigue

Stop Relationship Stress and Create Your Own Health Remedies

Human beings need relationships Your relationships past present personal or professional represent a major source of stress in your life Chronic stress causes breakdown of your immune system This leads to many emotional and physical disorders including heart disease fibromyalgia cancer ulcers irritable bowel syndrome and depression You can manage your stress many ways Stress management strategies include deep breathing relaxation exercises physical exercise meditation and yoga But did you know that if you reduce your interpersonal stress you can improve health Most of my clients who suffer from depression anxiety or other mental illnesses complain about one thing relationship problems at work or at home

acute anxiety

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anxiety self help

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anxiety stress

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Opiate drugs increase vulnerability to stress

A new study has found that opiate drugs such as morphine leave animals more vulnerable to stress. This means that stress and opiates are in a vicious cycle: Not only does stress trigger drug use, but in return the drug leaves animals more vulnerable to stress. The study helps to explain why people who use opiates such as heroin have very high rates of anxiety problems.


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