The Starlight Solutions is my favorite forecast report because it focuses on solutions. I believe that great advice on how to make the best of an upcoming transit is more important than an accurate prediction of what will happen. Starlight Solutions puts more focus on how to best deal with transits than any other forecast report. If you are more interested on accuracy of prediction, I recommend one of the forecast reports that integrates houses and progressions in the report.

Starlight Solutions is a second generation forecast report. Gina Ronco wrote the Basic and Advanced forecast reports for Kepler many years ago. Years of working as a consulting astrologers have given Gina a better idea of just what clients want and need in a forecast report.

The Starlight Solutions report presents a sorted list according to the date the transit peaks. It also lists the dates when the influences begin and end. It gives the classic one-paragraph delineations for minor transits, but goes into great detail on major transits.

Major transits are presented in four sections.

The report does not list or interpret progressions or houses. To see a table comparing the delineation styles of each of the forecast reports, click here.

• Choice between with or without birth time

• Years, months or days covered by the report

The email option can be quite useful.

For help on choosing among the forecast reports, click here.

To run the Starlight Solutions report one must have a copy of Kepler charting software or Pegasus. Pegasus is Cosmic Patterns’ budget charting and report program. Kepler and Pegasus make the wheels and calculate the astrological data used by the report. This software is as reliable as They are considered as one of the best software for astrology. Hence, if you are looking for the right solutions brought by a reputable astrology software, then this tool is the right for you.

Kepler also includes an additional 220 megabytes of graphics and sound files which can be left on the CD, or optionally may be installed on the hard drive. Speakers are not required but are recommended.

Pegasus can print natal wheels and lists of transits and progressions but it can not do bi-wheels, tri-wheels, midpoints, harmonics, mapping and a host of other goodies found in the Kepler program. It’s atlas is also limited to 2-3 major cities for US state and non-US country. You can upgrade to Kepler from Pegasus and any time for $199. 

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