If you love to do shoulder, biceps, chest workout. Now its time to grow some serious back mass. If you set a goal as a fitness or fitness model or news. Then back should no.1 on your list. Without a strong back, you can’t grab or pull any type of heavy things. Most of the guys they do not train back as well and If they do they have no interest in it. We give you best back workout for mass. But its time to do some back workout which gives you size and symmetry.

This back workout for mass and definition for men here is the part of back muscles which we train for gain in back exercise.

You can also use straps because straps are very useful for strength especially in pulling exercises

  • Middle Back
  • Lats
  • Upper Back
  • Lower Back
  • SETS 4
  • REP– 8,8,6,6

Guys you see in that pictures the back is totally straight. Do not bend your back if you bend your back then it’s not good for your lower back disc.

Remember when you pull the handle should be close to the stomach if you can’t reach the handle close to stomach then you may pull a little bit heavy according to your strength. When you go negative you have to stretch a full range motion.

When you pull to stomach you have to squeeze for 1 sec and you have to use a close grip handle.


  • Straight-Arm Pulldown
  • SET 4
  • REP– 10,8,8,6

This exercise is so unique because when you doing this exercise without lats no muscle will involve it’s just lats. This is a complete and killer back workout. Which one do is 180* a slight bend your little bit elbows and knees. Keep your feet together almost and bending your knees and back and make your chest out.

Now bring the bar down as you see in a pic 2 and when you come down (positive) you have to squeeze and tight the lats and you should close the bar to your thighs.


  • Face Pull Rope
  • SET 4
  • REP– 10,8,8,6

First grab the rope and tie with cable now cable set to parallel to the face. Pull the weight directly towards your face, separating your hands as you do so keep your upper arms parallel to the ground.


  • Barbell Deadlift
  • SET 4
  • REP–8,8,6,6

There is so many back workouts with a barbell, but this barbell deadlift is the one of the best back workout for mass. This back workout Start by standing in front of a loaded barbell while holding the barbell as straight as possible, bend your knees as you sit back with your hips. Grab the bar using a medium overhand grip.

This will be yours starting a position now begin the lift by pushing with your heels as yours extend your hips and knees as your breath out. As you approach the standing position, pull your shoulder blades together and drive your hips through the bar.

Then slowly returns to the starting position by bending your knees and hips and lean forward at the waist. Keep yours back straight and breath in as executing this portion of the moment. When the weights on the bar touch the floor, you’re back in the starting position and ready to perform another repetition.

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