Anti-cancer foods have recently been touted not only to fight cancer but also keep your body healthier for longer. We all need food to give you power for your workouts and body but can also help keep cancer at bay. Whilst there’s no cure for cancer, adding these top anti-cancer foods to your diet will certainly help minimize the risks and keep your body healthier for longer.

You can choose best over the counter testosterone boosters for the reduction in the weight. The consumption of the correct food is possible to keep the body healthy and good. The fighting with cancer is possible to have desired impact and effects on the body.


Dairy products Greek yoghurt, cheese milk and of course, whey and casein proteins aren’t just anabolic proteins you can use for your workout but it has also been suggested that they can be anti-cancer foods. Recent studies have shown that there is a reduced risk of breast, bladder, colorectal, ovarian and prostate cancer when consuming dairy products.

There has been a lot of noise from the press suggesting that dairy products can actually increase your risk to cancer however this has shown not to be case. Research has found that dairy can be part of the anti-cancer foods family and is also an important source of calcium and protein. They also noted that there is evidence to suggest that dairy consumption can have long term benefits to body maintenance, survival and longevity.


Tomatoes are a favourite for anti-cancer foods. UK scientists have recently confirmed that men who ate 10 servings of tomatoes a week (tomato sauce, tomato juice, tomato ketchup) were less likely to have prostate cancer by up 20% compared to those who don’t. Dr John Erdman Professor from department of food science at University of Illinois confirmed that, “There’s very good, strong, epidemiological support for increased consumption of tomato products and lower incidence of prostate cancer.” Tomatoes have long been touted as a favourite among anti-cancer foods and have numerous benefits from vitamins A and C to preventing heart disease and diabetes.

Tomatoes are anti-cancer foods mainly due to the presence of lycopene (what gives tomatoes their red colour) and beta-carotene. They help prevent cell and DNA damage which can happen with cancer.

Salads and pastas are a great way to add tomatoes to your diet. The redder the tomato, the more lycopene is present so spice up your diet with some rich tomatoes!


Chocoholics get celebrating! Cocoa is definitely part of the anti-cancer foods family. Recent studies have found that flavanols in cocoa can reduce the risk of contracting colorectal cancer. The colon is sensitive and can produce too much reactive oxygen species (ROS) which can induce cancer cells.

Flavanols counterbalance ROS and help to prevent damage caused by cancer.

The darker the chocolate, the more flavanols present and the cocoa should be at least 85% or more in concentration. Chocolate is great for workouts as it increases nitric oxide (NO). Try adding at least 2oz of dark chocolate to your protein shake before a workout


Coffee may be great to wake up in the morning but also contain powerful antioxidant compounds that can help prevent prostate cancer. Research from “Cancer Causes & Control” by M.S Geybels found that out of 1000 prostate cancer survivors, over 60% had a reduced risk of recurring it when drinking a few cups of coffee a week. This research is backed up by Harvard’s Health Professionals Follow-Up Study (HPFS) that also confirmed that that men who consumed up to 6 cups of coffee a day or more 60% or reoccurrence or even contracting prostate cancer altogether, than those who abstained. How’s that for an anti-cancer food!

Not only does coffee help prevent prostate cancer but can also keep your liver cancer-free. Coffee contains chemopreventive compounds from chlorogenic acid, cafestol, kahweol to caffeic acid. These compounds –especially caffeine-helps prevent the effects of cancer and gives you a burst of energy at the same time.


Kale is the latest anti-cancer food that is becoming a healthy diet hit. Similar to brocolli, Kale is full of compounds called glucosinolates which can help fight against cancer – especially colon cancer. One cup of Kale alone contains:

  • Over 3g of protein
  • 40 calories
  • 5g of fibre
  • Vitamins A, C, K
  • Folate (essential for brain development)
  • Omega 3
  • More iron than a plate of beef!


Garlic has long been in the top 6 of anti-cancer foods. As well providing numerous other health benefits from preventing heart disease to weight loss. Research has shown that raw garlic may help prevent colorectal, stomach and lung cancer. Chinese scientists found that by eating raw garlic twice a week, the risk of developing lung cancer was reduced by as much as 45% (30% for smokers).

The compounds that make garlic a very strong anti-cancer food are called organosulfur compounds. One of them, allicin contains antibiotic and antifungal properties. It is recommended to eat garlic raw as all their benefits go away once cooked.

These six top anti-cancer foods not only provide a way to help prevent cancer but also keep a healthy body and mind for a great workout.


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