There is a new trend going on and everyone is obsessed with weight loss and muscle gain. The sad part is that they all seeking quick results with minimum effort. They are not ready to sweat out for months and years to get that desired muscle mass or to shed that extra flab. You can find a number of books and magazines available on the Testoprime website which will guide you to get muscle fast. But not all are effective and scientific. We have taken the pain to research the most effective ways to build muscle fast and, we have come up with 10 tips to build muscle fast. Just read the following to know more.

Choose the best Personal Trainer

Most youngsters harbor a wrong notion that they build muscle and attain a great physique just by going through the huge number of muscle-building magazines and the articles that are available on the web. But they fail to understand that most of the guys in the magazines worked with their personal trainers for months and years before they started getting the desired results. So if you are really serious about gaining muscle fast then you need to spend a good amount of money and get a good, qualified trainer for yourself.

Drink Milk Before You go to Bed

Just 30 min before going to bed eat a combination of carbohydrates and protein. You can try a cup of raisin bran with skim milk or just a bowl of fruit with a small amount of cottage cheese. You need to eat again the moment you wake up from sleep.

Take it Slow – No Rush

Even you get a personal trainer for yourself you need to adopt a cool approach. You just cannot start with 100 squats and 15 push-ups on the very first day. You need to increase the intensity of the workload in a gradual way.

Take one Snack Ice Cream Post Workout

After you complete your workout, wait for a couple of hours and then have a bowl of ice cream. This snack is known to trigger insulin far better than any other food on this planet. The post-workout protein breakdown will take a backseat when you take ice cream after a workout.

Eat a Lot

The muscles will be subject to wear and tear as soon as you start the workouts. The body needs adequate energy to repair these damaged tissues. You can only get this energy when you are consuming enough food but not too much fat.

Eat Every 3 Hours

First, you need to know the total amount of calories you require per day. Divide that amount by 6 to roughly get the number that you should eat at each small meal. You need to consume around 20g of protein every 3 hours.

Increase Body Mass

You will not look like a hunk if you do not put on some weight. If you have a height of 6ft and a bodyweight of just 150 lbs then nobody will give you a second look. Just add a bit of weight before you even think of starting muscle. However, this weight must be put on at the right places.

No Carbs after the Workout

Researches have shown that the rebuilding of muscle takes place at a much faster rate on the rest days if the body is fed carbs. The post-workout meals which are heavy on carbs trigger an increase in the insulin level and this reduces the rate of protein breakdown.

Eat Calorie Rich Foods

You must try to have as many calorie-dense foods as possible. 100 grams of rice contains around 380 KCal! When you have calorie-dense foods you get a huge amount of energy by just having a small amount of food. This helps a person to build muscle. Always try to have whole milk as this will also give fats in addition to all the goodness that milk has.

Workout Every Alternate Day at the Begining

You must do a full-body workout and then a day of full rest. A good weight workout will increase the protein synthesis for about 48 hours immediately at the end of the exercise session. The muscles grow when the body is at rest and not during a workout.


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