Why are the markets boosting and why is it that Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin seem to be pushing it to the moon? One of the main reasons is the links between buying crypto from FIAT and selling crypto to FIAT. They are the three main ones that allow easy access through things like Coinbase and torque group and more recently the pre-payment cards such as TenX, Bonpay, Bitpay, etc. Then you have a lot of people that simply don’t know crypto but do know Bitcoin and using it as a saving mechanism. At the end of the day, the banks offer literally nothing on your investments with them while Crypto grows at a fast rate. Literally, the price of Bitcoin, Ethreum, and Litecoin are going up because of demand and transactions.

But then you take into account ICO’s most are using the LTC, BTC, ETH as their main currencies if not only currencies for raising funds. This locks in the coins for periods of time, along with the volume of ICO’s going up month on month increasing demand yet further. Someone recently asked me could Bitcoin go to $50,000 and I answered the question slightly differently in the way I seen Litecoin going up in value and as we have seen today Litecoin and Ethereum have had some massive gains and Bitcoin continues to hold its own.

We are not seeing a bubble, it’s impossible for Bitcoin or any of these main coins to be a bubble. They may be in a system that can have a bubble. But even then look at the internet bubble they didn’t turnaround and blame the currencies behind them. They blamed the overvaluation and excessive promises made by companies that eventually couldn’t deliver.

I highly recommend reviewing ICO’s properly and even if it looks like a great idea confirms that the evaluations are correct. One of the most common errors I see in whitepapers is around percentages where there is no justification for an increase. For example, if you raised $1m or $100m would founders, infrastructure, and marketing all stay the same in percentages? I don’t think so although it does vary depending on the ICO. But if it was a market-driven business then although they have a bigger budget would they actually benefit from excess exposure? Would they run into supply issues which would have been better spending some of the raised funds on? Scaling is a major problem in the crypto space and something you should assess when looking at ventures. In the same way, we regularly see it with Blockchain “strain” and the exchanges as the number of users coming into the Crypto Space continue to shoot through the roof.

Don’t expect things to stay where they are currently there are 3 – 5 years of growth ahead and as we see things like IOTA, NEO, LISK, EOS develop the new breed of ventures in the Crypto Space will emerge. Along with a lot more crypto millionaires and trading whales in the crypto space. For me, it’s a case of financial freedom that is growing and I am glad I can share this journey with everyone out there. As I know this is the time to invest and a case of invest now or regret later.


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