Did you know that, nowadays, you can purchase your followers, rather than have them uniquely given to you? You’re probably wondering…what do you mean I can ‘buy’ my followers? Well, there are many online platforms out there in the world today where you can pay a certain amount and your followers will be bought for you. For example, there is a certain website, which I am not going to name names for discretionary purposes, where you can pay as little as $15 and you will receive at least 500 followers. And, of course, it can go up from there. Crazy, huh?

So, although that all seems fine and dandy and it may seem credible through the eyes of the viewer, let me ask you this. If you buy your followers, how credible are you… really? While we are on that subject, here’s another question for you…How credible are your bought followers? Let me answer that for you. They aren’t. Why? Well, for starters, they are bought. Plain and simple. If that’s not clear enough for you, here’s a bit of a more detailed description. Say, you bought 2,000 followers on Twitter, just for the sake of it. And you are only following a couple hundred Twitterers…and your tweets are minimal. Well, that right there just doesn’t show your credibility. That equation just doesn’t make any sense. If anything, you and your business will lose the credibility rather than gain it. Why? For one simple reason…your followers are NOT organic.

In other words, they are not real. Your following base is just not true. They are not following you because they want to follow you…They are following you because they are bought. These followers are non-existent Twitter accounts, also known as Bots, who are computer generated. You will NOT increase your business with these types of followers, nor will you gain the respect needed for your business. What counts as a view on TikTok? The counting of the views will provide benefits to the business people in increasing the income. All the details are provided to have benefits in purchasing the views for the social media platform. The correct and real information is provided to the people to have the right results. 

So, it goes without saying, what’s the point in buying followers? I’ve noticed that some businesses like to pay the ridiculous amount and buy their followers just because, to them, it looks good through the viewers’ eyes when you have thousands of followers rather than a couple hundred. Well, let me tell you this. The number of followers should not matter to a potential client. What should matter is the service that is provided by the business. How trustworthy and credible is the business providing the service…that’s what should be relevant. Not the whole bribing scheme that goes on with the bought followers. That’s just a materialistic point of view.

As it states, it’s all about the credibility of the business. In order to increase your follower count organically, it does take time. Creating organic followers will all depend on the expertise and nature of the business as well as how the business demonstrates customer service. If all of the above are in tact, potential clients will look for you and they will want to know more about you and will possibly want to do business with you. It will be smooth sailing from here on out.

However, for any of that to happen, time is of the essence, so be patient. Your rewards will come to you.


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