The website Facebook has given us a few tools that make it not only fantastic for people looking to socialize but also for others who wish to use it for business purposes primarily. It’s not exactly a secret that on Facebook, there is many tools that can proper your business into the modern age using the latest marketing tools and getting the eyeballs of the 750 million who log into Facebook daily.

Although, in Facebooks gallant attempt to make sure users are put before everyone else, I fear that they haven’t quite hit the purple patch where businesses feel truly comfortable on Facebook and are willing to put a lot of time and effort into marketing there. They have given a new design to profile pages and this gives a glimmer of hope as its clearly more business user centric but little seems to have been done to improve upon Facebook pages.

What are some ways that Facebook could possibly help your business? Both promotions can be done with video length guide and facebook video ads on the social media platform. The selection of the right position and place is required for the uploading of the videos. The quality of the content should be excellent to get the desired results. The difference between the positive and negative one is needed to be in the notice of the person. 

Facebook Pages – These were made by Facebook to give your business a profile on Facebook instead of having to use a personal profile page which is inconvenient. At the beginning, the code was nearly the exact same for a Facebook profile as for a page. When you have a page for your business, you have a presence on Facebook, it shows your business is up to date and gives your business a presence on Facebook.

When someone likes a page, all their friends see it and this is a great social proof. On your page you can have photos, videos, info about your company etc. Everything that you or fans of the page do is reported on the mini feed on the page for you and all the fans to see.

Groups – Groups are very similar to pages but there is a difference in that they are more community based and aim to get people who have similar interests together to communicate as they would in real life groups outside of Facebook. On a group, there is no feature to become a fan, you simply join the group.

Apps – Facebooks super powerful API allows you the benefit of having developers write small programs for you to help get the word out about your businesses Facebook presence. Apps let you say anything and post anything that you want about your business and use social media connections from Facebook to do this.

Adverts – Facebooks far-reaching advertising program called Facebook Ads allows businesses to target a very precise and specific niche so that their sales are going to the right people. This information is easily accessible by Facebook of course because people enter it into their profile. In addition to this, there is many customisable features for bigger businesses or those willing to spend more on Facebook marketing. This is a slight disadvantage for small businesses.

Facebook beacon is quite controversial. It allows someone who buys something from your site to update it on Facebook to their friends so that they could possibly buy it. I’ve not used it for a while but I presume it is still there. It uses conformity to encourage sales.

Polls – If you are a marketer simply looking to get information from your market then Facebook polls is a great place to start. Facebook users are not bothered about taking one second to click a poll and all the information about what demographic they are in will automatically be sent to the marketer. you can also tell Facebook to remove the ad and tell them why which must be annoying for marketers.

Facebook Connect – This helps your website and Facebook connect much more easier. You can use Facebook for logging into your website and others accounts around the web. It’s very flexible and looks promising for the future.

What Facebook Could Do But Hasn’t Yet

Integrate Facebook Pages With The Rest Of Facebook – It’s great that they’ve updated the profile page recently in a major upheaval but pages seem to have remained as bland as ever. It’s really difficult to find a Facebook page too in the new design and there’s no word from Facebook about this changing.

Also, Facebook photos and videos that already exist are difficult are unable to be pulled into your main Facebook page. They have to be re-uploaded each time which is something which will annoy a lot of people each day and would only take a minor tweak to fix.

Page Customization – We’ve all seen how Myspace went in it’s later days when Facebook took over. You could customize your pages too much and they just became annoying looking and everything seemed like an advert you didn’t want to see. Nobody wants to see this happen to Facebook but it could allow a little more customization.

A business wants full control of its users Facebook experience and may want to play music of have a picture in the background of its latest product. This could just be available on pages and the users Facebook profile page for talking to friends could remain the same.

Business Tools Access – the “businesses” link from the footer of Facebooks pages has now moved and is really deep into Facebook and difficult to find. You have to search to fin it for a while. A facebook user trying to create a poll for example would find it incredibly difficult the first time without instruction.


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