About 10% of cosmetic surgery patients in Australia are men, and Australia isn’t alone with these statistics. In the US, men roughly took 8% of the total, a whopping increase a decade ago. And what better comparison and judging would we do to prove that cosmetic surgery is at the peak of popularity? Of course those men statistics. Cosmetic surgery has been attributed only to women once, and now there are those statistics.

A recent survey in Australia among 4000 girls asked, aged 11-18, 27% would have surgery if they could. These cosmetic statistics have held a high place in Australia and Queensland. Though there is no clear record about central cosmetic statistics in Australia, still some had been retrieved from surveys.

Top Countries That Performed most Number of Procedures

In the survey of ISAPS in 2009, the US has the highest number of performed cosmetic procedures and also topped all other countries based on the number of surgeons in the country. It has been followed by Brazil, China, India, Mexico, Japan, South Korea, Germany, Italy, and Russia in the top ten countries for a number of procedures done. Australia ranked in the 22nd, but based on the number of population, the rank has been quite spectacular.

Top Cosmetic Procedures

For women, breast augmentation takes the top spot followed by liposuction, Blepharoplasty, Abdominoplasty, and breast reduction. For men, liposuction topped the spot followed by Rhinoplasty, Blepharoplasty breast reduction, ear surgery, and under-eye fillers Calgary.

That is for surgical procedures. For nonsurgical, Botox, hair removal, laser skin resurfacing and chemical peels top the spots consecutively.

Reasons Why Cosmetic Surgery Keeps Getting More Likes

1. Cosmetic surgery offers a renewal of self-esteem. It is a fact that self-esteem and self-value are deeply rooted in the bodily image. Losing the desirable image means self-esteem is going down too. Thus many people result in surgery.

2. It can correct congenital and injury concerns. Having those scars is just hard to live with. By having surgery, these can be lessened if not vanished by going under the needle.

3. It restores physical attributes. This may include body parts that are fast affected by aging. It can improve and rejuvenate looks and even reshape the body weathered by years.

4. It can help people for health reasons. An example of this is rhinoplasty, it cannot only be a way to improve looks but it can be helping patients’ breath easier. Same with the eyelid surgery.

5. It can improve looks. Whether we admit it or not, cosmetic surgery today and in the future can really change the way we look through little tweaks. It enhances and improves what is already there. And today there are newer technologies to help these objectives.

So whether you rely on statistics or not, decisions over cosmetic surgery still lays in informed choices and of course your pockets. Cost is one of those that should be considered as well as clinics and doctors. The choice is in you, the statistics and the facts will stay there. And they might persuade you.


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