Want to lose weight in a week? You should be able to lose anywhere from four to eight pounds, depending on how much you weigh now. If you’ve ever felt that you can’t face another diet, this short program may be for you. It’s short, it’s easy, and long before the seven days are over, you’ll feel great.

Let’s get started.

1. See Your Doctor and Get Weighed

Your first step is to go and see your doctor, and get weighed. Don’t skip this step, it’s essential. You WILL lose weight, and you want a record of it. Your doctor will give you a checkup, to ensure that there’s no medical reason for your weight gain.

2. Create a Meal Plan, Focusing on Protein

Your next step is to create a meal plan for your seven days. Write the plan, so that you know exactly what you’ll be eating, and when. This ensures that you won’t grab the nearest hamburger when hunger strikes: you’ll be prepared. You should also consider whether you want dry fasting vs water fasting so you can get the best diet benefits for you.

Each meal should be centered around protein. This is because protein satisfies you, so you won’t feel hungry. Yes, you can eat carbs, but ensure that protein is front and center.

For breakfast, try these protein sources: cheese, meat, beans, and dairy. (Choose one.)

For lunch, you’ll have a weight loss soup — we’ve created some ideas for you below.

For dinner, emphasize protein again: meat, poultry, fish, or beans.

3. Try Weight Loss Soups: They Fill You up

Recent research has shown that people who ate soups lost more weight than those who ate the same amounts, and the same foods, without having them made into a soup. Researchers’ theorize that this is because of the volume of the soups — they kept dieters satisfied longer.

Have your soups for lunch, you can take them to work with you.

Any soup you like is fine, but ensure that your soup is low fat, and contains plenty of vegetables.

4. Create a Long-Term Plan to Meet Your Weight Loss Goals

Once the week is over, weigh yourself again. How much did you lose? Whether you lost three

pounds, or seven pounds, congratulate yourself. You did it! If you want to lose more weight, give yourself a break for a few weeks, and then try the week again.

At this stage, you know how your body responds, and you can create a longer term plan to meet your weight loss goals.


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