Pandemic Pal: The special project:

Pandemic Pal serves an important purpose being an explicit resource center for individuals of the affected zone (affected by corona) who’re at a state of huge risk throughout the existing phase of the dreadful and most distressing Coronavirus or COVID-19, as it has been named by the experts of medical science. The coronavirus pandemic has put the world at stake and has forced people worldwide to remain confined at their home. Hence, the need for purchasing protective equipment along with medical supplies to serve personal purposes has become the most essential thing. Consequently, the search for these things has greatly increased. Here approaches Pandemic Pal with its Pandemic Pal Medical Supplies. People have started hunting the internet for medical stores that comprises N95 masks and cloth masks. 

Besides, people are also searching for hand sanitizer, the second most important thing after masks to stay away from the dreadful virus. Again, there are gloves as well as extra essential things in stock at the moment and make a list of these things here so that you may skip the search and find in no time what you require. Coronavirus has forced people to wear a mask when they step outside of their house.


But, before proceeding further with Pandemic Pal Medical Supplies it’s better to despise the virus that has caused the world to undergo huge loss. Corona or Covid-19, though an invisible virus (to the human eye as it’s a microscopic virus) that was first detected in a certain country in Japan. It is no less powerful than any mythical demon king who possessed the power to conquer the whole world! Truly, it’s ruling the world like a tyrannical devil king who has malicious powers to cast an evil spell on the world as a whole. The moment you will disobey corona, the latter will punish you by getting you infected. Countless people have got infected and many have lost their precious lives. The most surprising but awful thing is that without your knowledge you will get infected. Sources have confirmed that Corona enters the body via nose and mouth. So, it’s better to wear the best kind of mask.

The founders:

The project Pandemic Pal was formed by certain people who are in fact victim to disabilities as well as a chronic disease for folks like you, also taking into account the home health advisers of yours along with other indispensable workers at risk, for instance, the employees at the grocery stores, janitors and of course, the delivery drivers. All respirator masks obtainable at the Pandemic Pal Medical Supplies are meant for selling to the community world. People who’re associated with this exclusive project consider that every person must have the right of entry to the medical plus cleaning supplies if they want to live a secure and healthy life.

A Surgical Mask Vs an N95 Mask:

Did you ever get yourself involved in serious thoughts regarding which mask you have to you use when the atmosphere exacerbates in your zone? To be precise, when your zone gets affected by Covid-19. If not then it’s better to explore the distinction between the two from the perspective of Pandemic Pal.

Surgical mask:

Normally, surgical masks that are disposable include contain 3 specific layers: a blend of fabric that’s non-woven and a melt-blown substance in the middle that plays the role of a filter.

Again, Surgical masks act as a bodily obstacle that deserves significance in protecting its user from splatters of body fluids, also blood, in addition to protecting other people from the user’s infection of viruses, for instance, Covid-19 that exists within the mucus as well as saliva.

Surgical masks also work as an obstacle and prevent infected parts of the body from the nose beside the mouth. But, while it’s a cheaper choice, surgical masks aren’t designed so that it sticks against the face of its user. Minor particles cannot be properly sifted via the layers of the mask and cannot be only depended upon to guard the user against infectious agents flying in the air.

N95 Mask:

N95 respirator masks are exclusively designed to diminish and avert the user’s vulnerability to airborne noxious wastes. Contrasting to surgical masks’ that are obtainable in only one size, N95 respirators display diverse sizes and must be chosen depending on how the mask fits the user’s face for creating a compact seal.

However, it’s costly than surgical masks, and are not obtainable in a broad selection of sizes. Moreover, it’s recommended not to be worn by children or underdeveloped teenage girls. But it’s designed for filtering minor pollutants compared to the standard surgical mask.

Also, lots of N95 respirators bear a sift at the mask’s front, forcing proper filtration of air through rather than letting the user breathe in a contaminated atmosphere.

So, after having a glimpse of the difference, ensure to verify the mask type you’re planning to use earlier than purchasing! Truly, Pandemic Pal proves to be an effective source of essential supplies. Hats off to its initiators!


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