There are many people who may not be able to download the game with an emulator because of many issues. They have some software issue or anything that does not allow the system to download the emulator and then download the game. You may be running low on system resources, but you do not have to worry about that because now you can download the game easily on your PC and without an emulator.

If you think that an emulator is not the best option you can think of or get any other problem, then it is the best way to play the game on PC. But whatever the consequences are, you can download that even without an emulator. You can download the game or play it through the browser without any problem and enjoy the same benefit as you can experience from downloading it. If you play it online on PC, then you can experience-

  • Longer battery life than a phone
  • Bigger screen to play and watch the game.
  • Many more amazing options which offer you the best thing

Not just that, there are several more advantages that you can experience if you play it on a PC. But if you want to know how you can get play the game on PC without an emulator, you will get it hereHere you will get proper knowledge about everything that you can!

How to play without an emulator?

Here are the ways through which you will be able to play the game without an emulator, and those are mentioned in the following points- 

  • To play the game, you do need t have the Arc Welder and Google Chrome extension to be installed, and you need to enable the Google Chrome extension Arc Welder.
  • There you need to download the APK file of Brawl stars from Google Chrome. You can just search for the game, and there you will get to see the different options, and you should choose the right option and download the game APK file.
  • After doing that, you need to open the Arc Welder, and there you have to click on the option that says ‘Add your APK,’ and then you need to have to browse the APK file of the game Brawl Stars that you have downloaded from Google Chrome. You can search for that and add the file there.
  • Once you are done with all these basic settings to play the game, you need to click on the ‘Test’ option, and then you will be able to run the Brawl Stars.

If you follow these steps, then you will be able to download the game and play it successfully on your PC and also will get to enjoy the game so much. The best thing that you can experience from doing this is that your hard drive will have more space as you play it online on a browser, and you do not have to download it. But to play the game, you will need a high-speed internet connection.


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