So many of us are being “social” online in our social media campaigns, but how many actually have a social intelligence strategy?

Social intelligence is the process of monitoring, collecting, and analyzing social data to inform business decisions. Social intelligence attempts to make sense of the endless number of tweets, comments, posts, and other social data.

Many companies are still hesitant to really embrace social technologies and aren’t completely convinced of its relevance to their business. Maybe they just don’t have the faintest idea how to create and carry out a strategy that incorporates branding, business lead generation, quality customer service, and consumer insight. Some of the sites are not fulfilling the promises of delivering the right results. Buy TikTok followers and get them delivered within 24 hours so that benefits are enormous. The quality of the customer service is great at the platform. It will invite more likes and comments on the platform to get the success in the development of the business.

What can businesses achieve with a Social Intelligence strategy?

The values are limitless. The right metrics can help a brand to define when and where to start planning, who to target and even the messages and conversations that will have the best chance of resonating over time. By joining the two metrics you get both the “what” and the “why”.

Companies are trying to keep up with these emerging social interactions by monitoring what is being said about them online but can’t seem to keep up with the large amounts of data that is coming at them, or how to use to information, as well.

3) Using the information to formulate a strategy

While many companies may be doing step 1 and step 2, it seems that some are still somewhat in the dark as to how to use the information to strategize their social media effectively. The problem is that this is the most important step. Businesses need to realize that this information is incredibly valuable in growing their business and honing in to their target markets – what they do, what they like, etc., and the only roadblock to success is a failure to apply the social media “rules”: to listen, learn and respond.

You cannot respond appropriately if you do not base your social media content on your social media intelligence.

Being innovative and creative are also helpful to be successful online. But it won’t get you the impact you want unless it is based on concrete solid intelligence. Mining your data could be your like hitting the lottery, if you apply the knowledge effectively.

A good strategy based on sound social media intelligence is what will drive you to your business goals. Knowledge is power, but the ultimate key to unlock that power is ensuring that you take that information – understand it, calculate it, digest it, and apply it appropriately.

Social Media is not just white noise. Rather, it is a multi-faceted two-way communication system made up of millions of “intelligent” users.

The more you invest into social media sites, the more you get back. Your experience is based on your how much you allow yourself to experience.

Interact effectively – keep that two-way communication going.

Give feedback whenever developers ask! In fact, give it when no one asks. Positive feedback is always welcome, but don’t be afraid to give constructive criticism, too. It could make the product, perhaps even the whole industry, better.

If you are developing social media, always keep your users as PRIORITY ONE.

Listen to them! Their feedback is important, especially the negative feedback, and don’t be afraid of failure.

It doesn’t matter how many punches knock you down, but rather, what matters is how many times you get back up.


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