I am so excited today to present the unboxing of the Dreams of Gaia Tarot. I have been waiting at the letter box for days for Book Depository to send it and it’s finally here! I was taken away by its illustrations on Instagram. I can’t wait to use it!

There is a need to know how to unlock throat chakra so that there is converting of the dreams into reality. The healing of the neck and throat of the people is also possible with the unlocking of the throat chakra. Make sure that there is the availability of the correct and accurate information. 

Unfortunately, this post won’t have many photos as my phone got stolen and I am left using a 5 year old smartphone and photos from the internet : ) More photos will come soon, though.

First impressions

Going through the deck, the cards are nothing short of mesmerizing. The artwork is stunning and draws you in. We can distinguish the colours of the suits at a glance, and I feel this deck will be great for working with elemental dignities. I believe the artist illustrates Sci-Fi, and this can be appreciated through the cards. One potential drawback is distinguishing the figures, most of which are forward-facing. The cards are also rich in detail so it’s best to take the interpretation slowly!

The deck

The cards have beautiful, simple black backs and are edged with gold. there is something very witchy about this deck and I couldn’t help bringing out my dark purple candle and dark green cloth to do a reading. The simple backs keep you waiting on the detail-rich fronts! The card stock is fairly flimsy, but the deck is great to shuffle, with quite a few jumpers. The card backs are easily scratched (some came already scratched) so don’t forget your Tarot cloth. The cards are bigger than average which I love, as we can really delve into the cards. As with an Angel deck, I would use fewer cards (rather than more) in a reading.

The box

The box is very good quality. I will definitely keep it! The inside is midnight blue, a great detail as white would have clashed with the deck. I love the gold writing on black background. The book is thick, a great addition for a deck that uses its own system. I’ve been told the book is excellent, but I haven’t opened it yet as I prefer to bond with the deck intuitively.

Test run

So now let’s get onto a reading … I will use a modified deck-interview spread from the lovely Beth at Little Red Tarot.

Card 1 – Tell me about you – 11. Emotion/Intellect

This deck is about uniting our emotions with our mind. By diving into the mystical and fantastical, we can align our third eye and heart chakras. We can know and we can feel. The dragon is surrounded by hearts. The card is so intense to look at, I am getting lost in the blue sea !

“Forgiveness, forgive yourselves and our demonic acts”, the deck whispers. The deck is about seeing beyond our world. The fins near the ladies eyes suggest she can see underwater, below the surface. She is at ease in the depth of emotions. This deck takes us deep within our emotions and doesn’t let go.

Card 2 – What is your strength? – 11. Masculine/Feminine

Despite it’s watery focus, this deck is strong. Because its exploration of the subconscious is based on a system (Ying and Yang, masculine / feminine). The deck comes with its own set of rules. It also speaks of truth and balance.

Card 3 – What is your weakness? – The Counsellor

The deck can be weak if we let our emotions overrule the reading. The deck can do us a disservice if we take its advice as face value. The deck is not here to counsel (it won’t ask us to polish our shoes tomorrow). It will reflect for us to do the work. If we expect its message to fall on our laps, we’ve got it all wrong.

Card 4 – What are you here to teach me? – 6 of Water

Reflection. We see a man looking intently at a mirror that has two faces on its back. The deck will teach me to look at both sides of the situation (Ying and Yang), to unite and integrate them. The deck will teach me a process of cool, collected reflection. This is not a fast and dirty deck. The man seems curious, a distant observer. It reminds me of observing another world through a forest pond, detached. I feel this deck may not want me to get involved in the situation, rather describe it from afar.

Card 5 – How can I work best with you? – 5 of Water

We see a distressed mermaid, but she is surrounded by colourful fishes and rays of sun through the sea. I can use this deck when I feel down, estranged and lonely. It is best for me to work with it during introspective phases.


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