Self-massage therapy is a great solution for reducing stress or soreness in your body. You can practice it by rubbing or pressing your skin.

You can rub your underlying muscles to relax your body. It frees you from any kind of stress physically and mentally. You can also get relief from pain after practicing this.

During this therapy, the manipulation of muscles can be done with the help of hands. This constitutes kneading your skin by application of pressure in several spots.

Benefits of it

Self-massage is one of the common and convenient ways to take the benefits of massage therapy. Just like a DIY method, it can be performed within the comfort of your own home.

It also helps in:

  • Reducing Stress
  • Digestive Disorders
  • Reduction of anxiety
  • Reducing stress
  • Headache
  • Muscle strain

Sometimes when the pain occurs because of swelling of a muscle, you may also experience nerve pain.

One of the reasons why it can happen is because the muscle is pressed against a nerve. The techniques of self-massage can also heal muscle pain followed by a reduction of nerve pain.

Types of massage

  1. Neck Pain massage

One of the most common reasons for neck pain is due to poor posture. This can result from day-to-day activities by launching over a phone or computer or if you read in bed without sufficient neck support.

You can try this technique if your neck feels painful and stringent. This ensures that this technique would relieve you.

  1. Headache, tension, and pain relief massage

Self-massage can do wonders if you are experiencing an acute headache. Massage would lead to further release of tension by relaxing your body. This answers all queries related to How Does Massage Work? 

For increased relaxation massaging on necks, shoulders and forehead would help.

You can even practice while listening to soothing music.

  1. Constipation relief massage

Due to constipation, you might feel increased pain in the abdomen. The treatment of constipation can be done with the help of laxatives, but self-massage can heal you naturally.

You can feel relief from it by the stimulation of a bowel movement. You can also heal bloating, period cramps as well as abdominal tightness.

Precautions to be taken care of

While practicing self-massage, it is very important to know that you are following the right techniques since otherwise, it could lead to a severe problem. You have to take precautions while practicing.

  • You should properly clean the body part where you will massage.
  • You should massage the specific area at least once or twice a day.
  • Before massaging, you should explore the area of the muscles where you feel the most pain.
  • You should only apply that much pressure, which you can tolerate. However, you should always start with putting light pressure.
  • While massaging, if you feel the pain, they change your techniques the next time you perform it.

After performing the self-massage treatment, you are suggested to stretch out that particular area in a gentle manner.


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