Today, it is common or several people to lead a busy, fast-paced life. Thanks to unrealistic deadlines and stiff competition within workspaces, people suffer a great deal due to stress. Thus, more people suffer from mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression than before. Therapy and drugs indeed help in coping with such illnesses. However, researchers are pushing boundaries and finding new ways to treat the human body and mind.

The popular alternatives

Years of research has resulted in two effective solutions to deal with different illnesses – aromatherapy and the best CBD oil UK. CBD stands for cannabidiol. It is a compound extracted from the cannabis plant. On the other hand, aromatherapy consists of using subtle fragrances from essential oils to treat certain conditions.

CBD has proved to calm down the anxious and stressed mind. However, there are some roadblocks to the usage of CBD. First, there are several complexities regarding governmental regulations on the use of CBD oils. Secondly, CBD oils have to be consumed as a part of the treatment. Some people may not be open to this idea. Thirdly, CBD oils cost a fortune. Even a tiny bottle of CBD oil can burn a hole in the pocket.

If we look at essential oils used in aromatherapy, they provide similar benefits that CBD oils do – except that you do not have to shell out as much money. Also, essential oils are not meant for consumption. They are generally used through diffusers.

Essential oils that can be used in place of CBD

We have compiled a list of those essential oils that have the same effect as CBD oils. Read on to know more about each oil.

  1. Rose oil

Rose oil is popularly recommended for people suffering from a stressed mind. Rose oils have an incredible smell that can produce a calming effect on the mind. Research has proved that when stressed people are introduced to rose oil, there is a decrease in their body’s stress hormone (cortisol) level.

One may either smell it with a diffuser or add it to a spritzer bottle and spray it on the desired areas. When raw essential oil comes in contact with the skin, it may irritate. Thus, those who want to have a massage or a rose oil bath must make sure to add rose oil to a carrier oil such as almond or jojoba before applying it on the skin.

  1. Black pepper

Black pepper essential oil is mainly used for pain relief and to relieve inflammation. This oil can provide relief from muscle pulls and cramps. Those suffering from conditions such as arthritis and rheumatism can also use it for relief. It improves the body’s blood circulation, which in turn helps in relieving stiffness.

With consistent use, the oil also helps the body flush out some toxins like uric acid. There is enough proof to suggest that with topical use of black pepper oils, the body develops a better pain tolerance.

  1. Lavender oil

Lavender oil is a blessing for people who suffer from insomnia and other sleep-related issues. Lavender is known to have a distinct smell that helps the mind de-stress. One can reap twin benefits from using lavender oil – a de-stressed mind and sound sleep. One can keep their bedroom scented with lavender oil or use it on their pillow for better sleep.

Slow-wave sleep is the part of a human’s sleep session where the heartbeat is the slowest, and the body’s muscles relax the most. Lavender helps in increasing the duration of slow-wave sleep.

  1. Ylang-ylang

Ylang-ylang essential oil is derived from a flower of the same name. The flower’s fragrance can help in the release of negative emotions, thus keeping the mind fresh and relaxed. It helps in slowing down the heart-beat during stressful times. It is so effective that some experts almost classify it as a mild sedative.

Wrapping up

Aromatherapy can be useful to deal with both physical and mental conditions. The aroma from selected essential oils has proven to provide relief to the body. As essential oils are more affordable and easily accessible than CBD oils, they are becoming a popular option among consumers.


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