Florida has been attracting eyes from all over the world for its beautiful beaches and even prettier seashells. With gorgeous white sand and the warm sun setting the scape, Florida is seen is as the one-stop destination for beach cations.

The best part about visiting these beaches is the gorgeous seashells that you find on the shore everywhere. The shells are so attractive and interesting to look at, that many have started their businesses related to these shells only. 

If you have visited any of the Floridian beaches, you must have seen a plethora of shapes and colors in which these shells are available. 

Florida seashells

The best time to find the perfect and most stunning seashells here is after a storm or a high tide. You would be able to find just the right kind in the morning or even during the winter months. The stormy weather brings in all sorts of shells to choose from, from deep in the ocean. 

If you are in any way interested in collecting different types of shells, and knowing how are seashells made, below mentioned is a descriptive list of all the types you will find on Floridian beaches. Due to their rarity, these shells are much valued across the globe and collectors find great satisfaction in acquiring them. Read below to know. 

Junonia Shells

Junonia is a highly valued shell on the beach. It has a distinct appearance and catches your eye in a second. The lean form and subtle cone make it a good choice to carry around. The most distinct feature of the shell is its milky exterior covered with brown spots.

Due to these brown spots on the outer chamber, the animal inside the chamber shares these spots too. 

Conch Shells

The most common conch shells that we might find on a beach is fighting conch. They were easy to spot with white sand surrounding them. This shell, when alive, has a bright orange color to it. However, since it gets strong sun rays all day long on the tropical land, the color soon fades away. 

Although, the brightness is still enough to spot it on a Floridian beach. The form is similar to the most common shells available around the world. 

Tulip branded shells

These are some of the most beautiful shells available on the beach. They are frequently washed to the shore and have many larger cousins to leave you in awe. People love collecting these especially because of their elegant form and coloring. The swirls on it seem to please human eyes quite a lot.  

Worm Snail shells

These shells resemble spaghetti and can be quite irregular in shape. When in large numbers, they can even build a reef that would look like a barrier. 

Final Words

Seashells are interesting pieces of art made by nature. Their beauty should be appreciated. There is so much to learn and understand about them. By collecting a few pieces from the beach, you can understand how are seashells made and the various natural processes associated with them.  


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