If one looks at the most renowned businessmen and women, most of them came from an ordinary background and started with humble beginnings. They achieve success and fame only through sheer determination and a will to fight against every possible obstacle. Mr. Vyboh is one of such businessmen.

About his achievements:

Miroslav Vyboh is a Slovakian businessman who is currently the chairman of Middlecap, which he started in 2018. The company currently has operations in several countries and cities such as Bratislava, Monaco, Dubai, Prague with the head office being in Luxembourg. Before he started his venture, he has served as chairman of several companies such as Willing – a company that has been a supplier for the Defense department in Slovakia and of other countries such as Malaysia, Vietnam and Hungary etc. His other brilliant stint includes being the CEO of Mayfair Assets Ltd. Its headquarter is in London and it is said that the firm worked at its best when it was under the guidance of Mr Vyboh.

He is also an honorary consul in Monaco’s principality since its establishment in 2013 in the Slovak Republic. Therefore, it will be safe enough to say that he has experience in diverse fields such as politics, education, economics, culture and sports. His love for sports was evident when he participated in the Ferrari Challenge Europe Series where he represented Slovakia. He won the race too. 

Quite recently, he organised a non-finish line charity project for children and non-profit organizations in Bratislava. Mr Philip Verdi is the inspiration behind this project. The aim was to promote the development of ‘no-finish line’ across the world. The idea was simple – one can run or walk the circuit for as long as one wants. There is no end or finish line.


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