A Cannabis extract, CBD oil holds numerous health benefits for its users. When taken in combination with THC, the effects are more prominent than the two taken separately. However, THC is known to stimulate psychoactive effects in the users. It is why a heavy population of people prefer to use CBD free of THC. There might be questions arising in the mind of people that how does CBD work without THC. It is why we have got you covered on the effects of THC- free oil, its types, and best products.

THC- free CBD oil is known for providing relief against stress, anxiety, pain, etc. To be precise, it has medicinal effects on the body. THC-free CBD oil divides into two groups, which are isolated and broad-spectrum.

How do the two types differ?

Both the groups are clear of THC, but it is their composition that makes them different.

  • Isolate: this group of CBD oil contains no compound other than CBD. Other compounds indicate THC and other cannabinoids. 
  • Broad: the CBD oil in the broad spectrum comprises other cannabinoids such as flavonoids in combination with CBD. 

The additional compounds associated with broad-spectrum CBD oils also instill therapeutic effects on the body.

Is there a specific dosage?

CBD oil is beneficial for relieving pain. There is no specific dosage to use, and it varies from person to person and the intensity of pain. It is advisable, begin with low doses and increase it in proportion to the effect on pain. The usage of CBD oils differs by the medium of action. These can either be taken orally or applied as a body oil. One must read the specifications on the pack to ensure what kind it is.

Best THC- free CBD products

  • Joy Organics Premium CBD Oil: An alcohol-free CBD oil, this oil lies in the broad spectrum category. The best part comes in the varieties of flavors it is available.
  • Kanibi CBD Pure Isolate: as the name suggests, this falls in the category of isolate CBD oils. It comprises only natural flavors and no artificial preservatives or colors. 
  • Lord Jones Royal Oil: it is again a broad-spectrum oil that one can take either orally or apply on skin. The grapeseed oil mixed with CBD in the oil has enhanced benefits and maintains healthy skin.

How can one buy THC- free oils?

THC- free oils are available in medical stores and also sold online. To buy online, you can search for CBD oils in the respective language, for example, huile de CBD and traverse different websites to find out the best one. It is necessary to read the specifications before buying the oil to make sure it is free from THC.

CBD oils exchange relief for the pain. When free of THC, they induce medicinal effects on the body, with minimum side effects. However, some people may experience a change in weight and appetite post using CBD oils. It is recommendable to consult your doctor before opting for CBD oil. 


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