Despite what you may have heard and been persuaded to believe, there is only one sure way of losing Fat permanently, without having drastic mutilating gastric bypass surgery. And even that is turning out not to be permanent.

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Gaining Fat for most people was a life long love affair with food, we use food as therapy, food as a pacifier, food as reward and food just because it’s available, most people in North America eat foods for all the wrong reasons and that has manifested itself in the pandemic we re now facing in this Nation, obesity.

One of the first things that we need to do, is to change the way that we look at food. Often times with class begins in the mind, and this makes it extremely difficult to keep the Fat off permanently. We all know that we gain Fat by eating more calories than the body requires, and not expending the equivalent in energy. That means we eat more food than we need, and we get little to no exercise. Overtime if this trend continues our body will begin to store the extra calories as fat.

This excess fat if not controlled will eventually lead to obesity. There are enormous amount of health risks associated with obesity least of which is on the site the fact in pieces on your body only you alone know about.

In order to lose Fat permanently we have to adapt a complete lifestyle change. This would include what we eat, and drink, when we eat, how much we eat and the amount of exercise we get.

What we eat is the number one reason most of us get that. Most overFat persons consume a lot of meat and dairy products. Meat and dairy products are very high in fat, oils, and proteins but very low in fiber. Other foods that we eat that are bound to get us fat are highly refined, highly processed foods was too much sugar and salt. These foods go right to our bottom line, and should be reduced if not eliminated from our diet. A diet predominantly of plant-based food is the best known diet for human beings. Plant-based foods are high in fiber low in fat and cholesterol, and highly nutritious. Plant-based foods because of its high fiber content will keep you for the without giving you all that.

Just reducing the amount of sweet or sugar beverages we consume on a daily basis would have a profound effect on our Fat loss efforts. Sodas, coffee beverages and other caffeinated beverages, and fruit juices, and especially alcohol beverages are high in sugar, and are not in the best interest of your go to lose Fat.

What what about when we eat? When we eat our meals is very important especially if you want to lose Fat. It is important that you have a large healthy wholesome breakfast, and medium-size lunch, and is very small supper. Eating your meals at the same time every day would reduce your urges to snack throughout the day and will eliminate your feeling of hunger between meals and will prevent you from overheating. Most Americans eat their dinner at about eight o’clock at night, and this is usually the largest meal of the day. This happy to is a sure way of gaining Fat, as you are eating the largest meal of the day right before you go to bed. I can guarantee you that the majority of that food will be converted into fat.

How much we eat is also offer important aspect of Fat loss. We eat way too much at any one meal sitting and our portion sizes seem to be getting larger and larger every year. The simple act of reducing your portion size by 25%, can help you lose Fat even before exercise.

Exercise is a crucial part of any way to routine, and should always be incorporated into your lifestyle. These changes are not just temporary but should be updated as part of your lifestyle changes.


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