Many years before weed was outlawed in the United States, our dear first president was growing hemp, and he supported the financial and medical benefits that this major cash crop brought to our country.

The debate about the legalization of medical and recreational marijuana use is one that’s been going on for many years. And what most people fail to realize is that it wasn’t that long ago that marijuana was actually legal in the United States. That’s right. Less than 100 years ago, you could go to your cousin Bob’s house, light up a joint and toke away on the front porch without worrying about the cops arresting you.

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How did we get so backward on marijuana? The answer is simple. People started making up their own perceptions about this wonder drug, and in the process they forgot about the facts. So, as for now, let’s take a quick look at five (odd) facts about marijuana that everyone, including you, needs to know.

Fact #1: Less than 10 percent of people become dependent on marijuana

A study released back in 1999 from the Institute of Medicine concluded that less than 10 percent of people who use marijuana become dependent on it. This percentage is far below the percentage of people who become dependent on tobacco and alcohol, and ironically, both of these drugs are legal in the United States).

Fact #2: Marijuana doesn’t increase a person’s risk of developing cancer

Tobacco is well known for increasing a person’s risk of developing cancer; however, studies have revealed that marijuana does not. In fact, some studies have revealed that marijuana can help kill off cancer cells. Other studies have even showed that marijuana can help reduce a person’s chances of developing certain types of head and neck cancer.

Fact #3: Marijuana is not a gateway drug

For many years, people have been misled into thinking that marijuana is a gateway drug to other illicit drugs. What people fail to realize, though, is that people who use marijuana tend to not use other types of illegal substances.

Fact #4: Marijuana is good for your lungs

Anything that isn’t done in moderation isn’t good, and the same applies to the use of marijuana. However, when marijuana is used on a moderate basis (a few joints a week), then it can actually give you a stronger lung capacity. Best of all, it can help deter lung cancer.

Fact #5: Americans love marijuana, and so does the President

Here’s an interesting fact for you to put in your pipe and puff on for awhile: Americans are the biggest users of marijuana, with even our beloved 44th President (Obama) admitting that he has taken a few hits off a joint. Heck, he even admitted to blowing “a few smoke rings,” aka doing cocaine, from time to time.

Facts are Facts

For those who are against the legalization of medical and recreational marijuana, it’s important to take a long, hard look at the facts. After all, facts are facts and they should be heavily evaluated when states vote on marijuana-related laws and regulations. And since we’re facing the facts, when it comes down to the cold, hard truth, everyone needs to accept the simple fact that marijuana is and always will be a great cash crop for this country that brings with it a multitude of benefits.


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