Do you know how to fix a broken relationship? Most people have former lover and despite their break up due to certain conflict, they would still have a lot of good memories together as well. You might think breaking up with your former lover was the ideal solution to end your never ending conflict but soon came to realize how wrong you were because while you are trying to establish a new relationship with someone else, your mind is still recalling the old good memories of your former lover.

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Ex-lover is often difficult to forget, especially for those who have had a long relationship but had to end it due to certain conflict or disagreement which the couple had no idea how to resolve it in an amicable manner without hurting their relationship, thus, leading to a broken relationship. However, the thought of the sweet memories you had before with your former lover makes it so hard to forget about him/her. It’s just simply beyond your control.

Give Yourself a Second Chance To Fix A Broken Relationship

If this situation and condition persist, you would probably be thinking of the possibility of giving yourself a second chance to fix a broken relationship and reconcile with your former lover. If you still have a sense of love and affection for your former lover and both of you are still single, why not? You should give yourself and your former lover a second chance to reignite the old flames.

However, you may hesitate to approach your former lover for fear that the same old conflict may recur. You do not want to go through a second separation again as the pain is just too much to bear. Couple needs to have the same understanding that there is work and effort to be put into the relationship to make it a success. Couple must be willing to stick to each other during tough time. Besides, you two have also learnt a valuable lesson from the past mistakes.

So should you go back to your former lover and try to fix a broken relationship? Are you not tired of trying? Are you not skeptical that the main reason why both of you decided to break up in the past will come and haunt you again? Well, if you find yourself still thinking a lot of your former lover and he/she still the best for you, then it would be good to give yourself a second chance to reconcile.

Tips & Advice on How To Fix a Broken Relationship

If you still cherish and love your former lover and there are too many fond memories between the two of you and the most important thing is you always feel comfortable whenever you are near him/her , which may not be obtained from someone else. Then you must try to eliminate your sense of pride and reckon the fact that you are still very much in love with your former lover. Take the bold move and initiate the reconciliation process. It’s better to act now rather than living in deep regrets later in life. Here are some tips and advice about how to fix a broken relationship with your former lover.

The first thing you need to do is to check for information about the marital status of your former lover whether he/she is ‘still available’ or ‘already in a relationship with someone else’. This is to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings that might arise between you and your former lover. You can start checking for this information via the indirect way through intermediary friends, or browse through your facebook. Once you are sure about his/her marital status, then it’s time for you to seriously ask yourself whether you are sure of your decision of getting back together with your ex. Are you sure you want to re-establish a relationship with him/her with all the consequences that must be faced, or is it just a momentary emotions that you are experiencing because of your feeling of emptiness and unhappiness? Are you seriously thinking or hoping to give yourself a second chance to improve your relationships?

If it helps you to do a better assessment of your own feelings, then by all means meet up with your ex face-to-face and find it out for yourself. Preferably, meet up with him/her at public places or at a comfortable place for both of you. Once you are fairly sure that there is still a strong chemistry between you and your former lover, convey your intention of reconciliation to your ex. To ensure a successful reconciliation, make a new commitment to learn how to fix a broken relationship and rebuild it into a more loving and fulfilling one than it was before.


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