Most weight watchers are asking a common question over and over again – “can fruits and vegetables help slow weight loss?”. Well, for most dieting experts, fruits and vegetables are your allies because it essentially give you tons of nutrients, fiber and are low in calories, which are highly favorable against weight gain. Sure you hear people saying that they don’t lose weight eating lots of fruits and vegetable as their main diet, but there simple explanations why this occurs and it’s not just about metabolism, it’s about many factors.

While most people think that eating too much fruits and vegetables will help them lose weight, then they are certainly confused. You have to remember your diet’s purpose so that you can expect good results. If you are not researching enough in a particular diet that your are practicing through your own terms, you might just taking a big burden on your shoulders without any assurance of positive results. Knowledge is the key to achieve weight loss and not by chances.

The real reason why fruits and vegetables can delay weight loss

Fruits and vegetables can help hinder weight loss if you don’t know how to control your servings. Plus, eating too much fruits and vegetables doesn’t just interfere with weight loss, but are less likely to cause weight gain as well. So you end up gaining and losing nothing.

First off, fruits and vegetables contains a lot of water and fiber while offering less calories than any other food groups. This means that consuming fruits and vegetables does not necessarily constitutes to weight gain nor weight loss, except if you take too much fruit calories that could direct you in either way. On the other hand, eating too much of other food groups will definitely constitutes to weight gain which also prevents weight loss.

People thinks that fruits are the key to health and fitness. Although this is somewhat true, you also have to see it in a different perspectives. Fruits are said to have three times the calories per serving as compared to non-starchy vegetables, this means that it is quite simpler to consume more fruits calories. If this is the scenario, you certainly won’t notice that you are already consuming over your average calorie intake per day. This is the reason why fruits and vegetables can also slow or hinder your body’s weight loss process.

Dieting experts suggests that you have to limit or control your fruit and vegetable servings, an average of three meals per day. You need to practice the proper serving sizes to prevent you from eating more. Generally, one serving means a half cup of fruit or vegetables, but you have to understand that serving sizes also varies. You need to consult your dietitian for the most appropriate serving sizes for your eating program.

In more sense, you need to eat a lot more fresh or frozen fruits and avoid processed fruits and vegetables as these foods already gone through different processes which are now packed with more calories compared from there organic or original form. To learn more about these foods to avoid, below are the food list that I gathered from the Yahoo health site.

Processed foods that delay weight loss

Dried fruits

Have you ever tasted any kind of dried fruits? If yes, then you probably liked it more than the organic one right? Dried fruits are extremely delicious but this foods are already considered junks. Why? Just look at the nutrition label, it is packed with MSG, sodium, sugar and of course calories. This is the reason why dried fruits are not healthy snacks and certainly won’t aid your weight issues. My advise if you can’t control your cravings for dried fruits, control your consumption or prefer the more naturally fresh fruit instead.

Fruit drinks

Craving for fruit juices? If you are thinking of those canned fruit drinks, then you should think twice before you purchase these products. Canned and artificial fruit juices are packed with sugar to make it more sweet and tasty. Even if the fruit drink says that it offers less sugar and calories, still you have to pass this up because it still contains sugar and calories. If you want to reap the benefits of real fruit juice, then don’t just go to a convenient store and grab a can, instead you go look for fresh fruits and use your juicer and make healthy fruit drinks.

Fried vegetables

Fried vegetables are well known in various Asian cuisines such as vegetable spring rolls and breaded green veggies. These foods are very delicious but don’t think it’s nutritious. Fried vegetables are not healthy and will put your heart into double work because of the cholesterol you just took in. Instead of fried, opt for steam or raw vegetables that can surely give you healthier benefits.


Salads are called the most deceptive type of food among the healthy foods mainly because it contains fresh fruits and vegetables. The fresh fruits and vegetables are certainly healthy for you, but the dressings are not. Yes, those dressings are the biggest factor why you are not getting a healthy meal with your favorite salad dish. Dressings are high in fat, calories and cholesterol not to mention other salad toppings such as nuts, cheese and buttermilk.

For a healthy salad meal, instead of using mayonnaise or any other unhealthy dressings, use olive oil instead which is known to have good cholesterol content. If you can’t take the taste of olive oil, then eat moderately using the portion size technique to make sure that you are not overeating unhealthy foods.


Fruits and vegetables are indeed good for the body and will help you lose weight. The main issues are your size servings and what type of dish you are eating that makes you struggling for weight loss. Too much consumption of supposedly healthy processed fruits and vegetable snacks will not just interfere with your weight loss program, it can also affect your over all health. So make sure that you eat only the freshest and organic fruits and vegetables as much as possible.

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