Whether you are trying to get your kids excited about exercise, or you just want some fun quality time, getting fit together can be a great way to reduce your kids’ screen time and make physical fitness a family activity.

Exercising together does not have to cost a lot of money, either. While joining a family fitness center is a great idea, there are plenty of ways you can get active without straining your budget. And you can also use these supplements for enhancing testosterone levels that will increase your energy levels in the long run. Here are some hints for ways you can exercise with your kids, whether at home or around the neighborhood.

At Home

When you are at home, you can increase your whole family’s activity level, both indoors and out. Designate a family game night, and look for games that get you moving. Twister-type games are a great idea or get everyone involved in a rousing game of hide-and-seek. Set up a treasure hunt in the backyard and make everyone run, skip, or hop while they search for prizes; play a game of kickball, and never mind the rules, especially if you have small children – just get everyone moving and having fun.

Set up a croquet tournament, and make everyone run from one wicket to the next, or get everyone involved in a badminton match.

In the fall, have a leaf-raking contest – when you are done, jump in the piles, of course. In the winter, leave the snowblower in the garage and let everyone help shovel the driveway. Summertime is a great time for outdoor play – wash the car together and take turns with the hose, or start a hop-scotch tournament on the sidewalk.

In Your Community

Your neighborhood and the nearby communities offer infinite possibilities for getting your family in shape. Some suggestions for community fitness activities are listed here:

Join the community pool and get your kids involved in water sports, or just have fun splashing around.

Spend time at your local park. Look for hiking or cycling trails, or play a game of Frisbee or whiffle ball. Younger kids, in particular, may just enjoy the freedom to run around – let them chase you around the baseball diamond.

If your neighborhood has a tennis court, grab a bunch of rackets and teach your kids to hit the ball back and forth over the net. Again, it’s not the rules that matter, unless they want to learn – it’s the activity that counts.

Play a round of mini-golf at the local course.

In season, take your family berry or apple picking, and make a contest out of who can pick the fastest (without causing major destruction, of course).

When it comes to exercising together, the sky is the limit. Let your kids come up with their own suggestions for physical activity, and then play with them, no matter how silly you look. You’ll make some great memories for yourself and your children, and you’ll teach them to enjoy fitness for life.


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