Hey everyone! I have a pretty interesting map that I discovered with the help of drilledalts. I’d like to share with you all! I’ve been playing this map for the last hour and I’ve really enjoyed it! It is a challenging sky block survival map that sticks you into small domes in the sky! The objective is to collect supplies and then travel to the different floating islands to gather more and more resources! There are also different challenges to try and complete whilst playing.

When you first spawn in, you’ll start off with nothing but a bowl of soup! You will be able to collect a few starting stone tools from the chest on the right, and a slime ball on the left! One of the challenges is to collect 15 slime balls, and that chest contains the first one!

Once you’ve collected your items from the chests, I’d suggest cutting down some wood! With the wood, you’ll be able to make more tools, and also cross over to other islands. Make sure to turn the logs into planks first, though! You could dig down to gather some stone as well, but be careful not to dig through too far because you’ll fall off the island!

Traveling to new islands can actually be quite tricky, and I actually fell off and lost 100′s of wood planks! For this reason, I suggest putting as many of your items in the chest as possible before creating a bridge to another island. If you put your items in the chest, you won’t risk losing them if you fall down!

I haven’t quite made it to these islands yet, but I’d love to make my way over there to see what supplies I can find!


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