Adventure summer camps are important institutions in the development of childhood, just as schools are. They have been instrumental in molding characters and personalities and have offered treasured experiences that have been passed down from generation to generation. So, what are the trademarks of historic summer camps?

For one thing, these summer camps have been around for many years. The fact that they have been handling specialized camping activities for more than 40-50 years is proof of their expertise and great reputation. These summer camps are among the best when it comes to summer activities for parents, children and families.

Keep in mind that there are more than 8,000 residential summer camps in Canada and the US. So, picking the best from this gigantic list is a challenge, which is why you are better off choosing a historic summer camp in Canada or the US for your child. After all, the more number of years they have been working, the better equipped they are to ensure a great, fun-filled, safe experience for your child.

One of the best things about historic summer camps is the wholesome camping experience provided in these camps. Children come here for fun but they leave with a number of accomplishments under their belt. Leadership qualities, group dynamics and sports acumen are just some of these. When young children get hooked to an active lifestyle, they make better choices throughout their life and pass on the same to future generations. Thus, one can truly term these as ‘life altering’ experiences.

In order to provide campers with the ultimate camping experience, historic summer camps employ the best staff. Many of them are campers themselves. Therefore, they are well aware of what they are required to do. Besides, many of these camps are accredited and adhere to strict standards when it comes to health and safety. So, for instance, many camps provide one staff per 2-3 children to ensure that each child is properly attended to and that there are no mistakes of omission at any point of time.

Some of the characteristics that are typical of historic summer camps include:

  • Impressive camper return rates. When campers return year after year, you can be assured that they are completely happy with their experience at the camp.
  • Healthy counselor-to-camper ratio. The ACA (American Camping Association) recommends 1 staff for 6 campers. Many camps provide 1 staff for 2-3 campers.
  • Impressive educational and training qualifications of the staff. In most cases, the staff is even adept at handling CPR.
  • Lots of references. In fact, you will often find that many campers return to the same camp with their children and grandchildren too!

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