What kinda world do we live in? You dont know? Well let me tell you, we live in a world where doctors and scientist do research and studies to find cures for disease.And i find out today that doctors have made a shockin break thru they have cured a man of AIDS and this man has been cured for almost 2years. Now lets look at the other side………… this man not to sound racist but he was a white man meaning that doctors and scientist and are walkin around with cures in their back pockets and theafrican americans dont mean anything.I bet your wondering why i am mad well I’m not mad? I’M HURT….. why? Because i had to lose my little brother to that disease a year ago meaning that all the while they are out there curing whites, asian, koreans and hispanics my little brother had to die. Im sittin here tryin my best to understand what, what is it that he did so bad that the doctors that called themselves caring for him could not give him this so called cure? And i would still have my brother.Why am i sittin here hurting while another family is happy and satisfied? I’ll never talk to him again,I’ll never get to tell him to his face that i love him again I’ll never get to hug my baby brother again.All I wanna know is what kinda world do we live in that they could be so cruel all I want all i have wanted for a year now is for my little brother to call me one more time and say to me “Hey sis what chu doin?” “When you get your place can i come live with you”? and I tell him “And you know you can” with no hesitation.All i want is to be able to go to my moms house one more time and he and i can be in seperate rooms and still laugh at the same dumb stuff.These fakes these phonies stole my brother’s life from me they stole his smile his joy his happiness.I cant believe i live in such a cruel world.

A world where the single out some and help and satisfy others, I never ask for much but that is one thing in this world that i would give until this very day I would give just about anything to have my little brother in my arms one more time. I want to laugh with him again I want to be able to tell him all my problems and have him help me give me advise, I used to always say he was you ng but wise Its 2009 world and he died July 13th 2007 and I still…..still cry for him sometimes…

I miss you Alan Art Morton IIINovember 5th 1988-July 13th 2007


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