Minecraft is one of the most fabulous games that is loved by the millions of players around the world. They have actually sold out over 120 million copies till Feb 2017. Being a perfect game, it is also a great tool for learning several things online as it is an open platform that has been expanded by the developers. 

You can actually consider making your own world with the game. We are here looking at guide how Minecraft hosting can help you with making Minecraft server on windows PC. If you are interested as well in knowing about Minecraft more consider going through details mentioned below. 

How to make a Minecraft server?

For a newbie, to Minecraft, the easiest method to start with is purchasing the game and diving in. You can even run your private Minecraft server that is presented with Minecraft as well. For making the private Minecraft server, you can follow up the steps mentioned below.

  • Install the latest version of java:

you need to open the windows control panel and further under programs, pick java and click for upgrading the version. Now you need to enter java version in the command prompt but take a look into the version number. Check for the latest version of the java and current version in your PC is outdated get the latest one. 

  • Get new update of Minecraft server software:

from the Minecraft website you can download the server software update. You would be granted with a java jar file that you can save to the location. For beginning with .jar file to start with the server you have to double click, and further, it will create the server configuration files that you have to modify before the server is ready for final use. Accept the EULA which is created during the process and open the file in any text editor for changing eula= false to eula=true. For preventing the Minecraft server from failing from EULA acceptance, it would be helpful to make all such changes. 

  • Configure network & server:

there is no such requirement for port forwarding when using the server for players on local networks. For making the server accessible for worldwide, you surely need to enable the port forwarding from your router. With TCP port it would be helpful in forwarding the access to several users. Enter the local IP address for the output IP or server IP for forwarding the port and further open a command prompt and click on ipconfig.

  • Begin with the server:

for starting with Minecraft server, you have to open the windows command prompt and navigate the file path to Minecraft server file was previously installed. Start for the server command and replace necessary files with the server name. 

  • Look for server’s access:

  lastly, you need to check the server access for numerous players that you can do from the different IP address for being familiar with access that is enabled to worldwide players of Minecraft.

Following above-mentioned steps, you can easily make Minecraft servers on your Windows PC. 


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