The shocking outbreak of the COVID-19 virus left every person all over the world, clueless and afraid. The whole existence came to a halt as people were refrained from meeting even for work, confined to their respective homes. The increased boredom led people to find innovative ways to engage themselves. When some people took to art and music, others coped by streaming movies and TV shows. Needless to say, offices and universities were all point-blank for a moment. But everything continued as usual on virtual platforms. The public had to adapt quickly to the changes.

Lockdowns and confinement

As lockdowns got extended, people were losing hope. No one was sitting around doing nothing in the hope of everything going back to normal soon. The testing situations were dealt with technology and innovation. Classes resumed online; offices adopted work from the home method. Every event that was planned took the form of virtual events.

Since people could not be present physically, live stream virtual events Singapore gained a lot of attraction. People took it upon themselves to make sure they do not miss out on any event just because it was not possible to attend in person.

Virtual events

Virtual events made it a lot simpler to include everyone, far or near for every special occasion. Weddings, naming ceremonies, house warmings- every event was live recorded and streamed for people to see and be a part of.

Apart from that, there were several webinars, conferences and meetings that were conducted online. Rescheduling them after the pandemic was not exactly an option. Live streaming of virtual event made it possible for people from all over the world to participate.


  • Safe

People were given a chance to take part in all events without the issue of safety. They could attend events from their homes, without the need for travelling. Social interactions were also reduced, which was a positive aspect regarding the social distancing regulations.

  • More audience

The events streamed online always had more audiences than the physical events. More and more people joined the live stream virtual events Singapore than their conventional counterparts. The reasons could be many, ranging from convenience to more free time availability. People had tight schedules before with no room for extra activities. But this changed as colleges and offices shifted online. With more time at hand and interest to explore new things, people were seen attending more virtual events than before.

  • Reduced stigma

The unawareness about virtual events and their unpopularity go hand in hand. This situation changed as more and more people were introduced to the virtual world. Without everything happening online, it was impossible to miss out on these live-streamed events. The sigma around the functionality of virtual events diminished and became almost invisible in the last two years.

  • Effective

Presentations online with the technological tool were seen to be more effective than conventional face to face interactions. Office meetings and business events were explored more and improvised to fit into the digital world. Several tools can be incorporated to make the event interesting and interactive.

  • Potential

The potential of conducting an online event is more. There are no restrictions on space or funds. It does not require huge halls, or shamianas to gather more people. When an offline event is conducted, there are needs like halls, seating arrangements, refreshments, stage, audio equipment, photographers etc. All these futile entities can be eliminated in a virtual event.

The possibilities offered by live streaming virtual events are ceaseless. They just continue to advance and blow our minds. Even though life has resumed to normal ways, virtual events continue to be a part of everyday life.


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