A strong and sound body is the home for a very strong mind which leads the life fulfilled. You body shape determines your happiness without any doubt. There is no way you can lead life with healthy habits unless your body shape is proper.

There is a question here, some people love to be overweight and obsessed with that, but nothing can be worst than being overweight which leads you towards lots of diseases and not only that you live a life with no charm on weight. For them, they need huge motivation to lose weight and living healthy lifestyle. It’s not only about being on the proper weight, it’s all about your perfect health.

The Facts and The Myths

There are many myths about losing weight and being on the perfect shape. Most of all the myths about the diets for weight loss is endless. Every time there are new gimmicks, new magic pill, and new formula over the market. Noting works unless you know the real facts about your diets.

The fact of diet is very simple and following those simple facts can give you the long lasting change in your life. The simple facts about you diets can transform your body into great shape. Let me describe you the real fact of diets in a very simple way.

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Our body needs energy and this is the reason we take food and drinks to give the fuel to our body. Let me break the first myth about the weight loss diets. It’s about the “calorie”. This is a simple word which denotes the amount of energy we get for foods. People are so obsessed to think about this.

Simply think about it, the amount of energy you need to do all the work throughout the day needs to supply by your food. A balanced diet is nothing more than a calculated amount of energy what we can get from some specific food. Now let’s talk about the foods. Whatever we take as our food has three elements on them usually. Carbohydrates ( carbs) protein and fats. There are lots of more elements we need for our body but these are the main elements which supply the so call Calorie to our body as energy.

Now another myth is about how much calorie you need daily to be on the best shape and losing weight. Some people think that if you just start starving and are on water you will be losing weight. It’s not like that, you have to create a balance of your intake and the energy spent. If you are overweight you can think on how to lose extra fat by doing the workouts (we will break the myths about the weight loss exercise on another post).

Another important thing you must know is about the requirement of your calorie. Research shows some data about the requirements of calorie;

  • 2500 calories a day for adult men
  • calories a day for adult men 2000 calories a day for adult women
  • calories a day for adult women 2,500 in third trimester of pregnancy
  • in third trimester of pregnancy 1800 calories a day for kids aged 5-10

Now you must have build the habit you reading the amount of calorie chart whatever you buy and calculate the amount to get the required amount for you. There are some specific calculation about the calorie for getting bulk of muscle, we will discuss on our future post.


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