There are a number of different ways to create a new website. There are comprehensive high-end (and somewhat complex) packages such as the popular Dreamweaver, as well as free bare-bones text editors such as Notepad++, that can be used to author new websites.

For users of Apple Macs, the iLive software suite (which comes preinstalled on new Macs at no additional cost) contains a website creation program known as iWeb.

IWeb is a “WYSIWYG” (pronounced “whiz-eee-wig”; an acronym for What You See Is What You Get) style program. This means that you design based on how you want something to look, rather than worrying about the code necessary to create that look.

IWeb and WYSIWYG go hand in hand as the acronym is quite popular among Apple phone experts and rightfully so as it helps in creating their own unique identity and Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0 is also an added option on how to venture into this field in a foolproof manner.

So rather than having to understand how all of the different pieces of code fit together, or how to properly structure the code of the web pages, someone looking to create a new website with iWeb can simply use the graphical interface to position the various elements of each page.

When the page is constructed in a way that the user wants, the program automatically generates the necessary code based on the appearance chosen by the user. IWeb also provides a number of different templates and pre-formatted pages to make the process extremely easy.

Adding different types of media is also a very simple process. Given the integration of iWeb into the other iLive programs, you can create on your Mac and easily integrate your creations into your new website. For example, you can edit your pictures and videos in iPhoto and iMovie, and even create new songs and sounds within GarageBand, and get them onto your iWeb website in seconds.

IWeb also contains a number of so-called “widgets” (small, self-contained functions and features that generally appear in a separate box on a webpage) that you can integrate into the various pages of your new site.

The widgets cover practically any functionality you might want to incorporate, including RSS, YouTube videos, Google Maps and other snippets of HTML code that you want to include. This last widget can be a lifesaver if you like a particular template but still want to add something to your website that’s uniquely you.

IWeb has a built-in FTP client so that you can upload your new website directly from your Mac to your web host with just a few clicks. It’s also possible (and very easy) to track multiple websites at one time.

IWeb also gives you the ability to link your website to your Facebook profile so that any changes you make to your high website in parentheses (such as a new blog post, new photos, or any other change of note) will trigger an alert to your friends, so that they know there’s something new available. The notification even provides a direct link to your new material, so it’s even easier for your friends to learn about the new post.


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