A broken heart gives pain much more than any physical injury. Recently I was reading something and there in the comments section I found this one by a woman – “Sorry, my husband divorced me 3 years ago after a 3 year separation. Our daughters are grown and still have issues with the split and I can’t get past the pain! He has moved on, has a new wife (supposedly his one & only original true love), and moved out of state. I find it hard to care about anything or anyone. Spend most of my days crying and eagerly awaiting death from the very aggressive cancer I was diagnosed with recently. Hopeless”. I too was heart broken after reading this and thought for a while that how life could be uncertain to innocent people.

There might be different reasons for a heart break but to all of them we have a one common solution i.e Move On. These two words are easy to spell and easier to say but equally difficult to follow. Like I said there may be different reasons in everyone’s life like I was heart broken after reading that comment then I have to move on, what I did was I just thought of Life & Karma, they don’t forgive anyone.

What I will be writing here is the tips or methods that can tell you how to get over a broken heart, I have personally tested these tips on my friend who was heart broken person and these worked up to some extent, at least I could make him laugh.

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I am gonna tell you how to get over a broken heart and at last I would love to hear your stories in the comment box.

How To Get Over A Broken Heart

1.) Cry As Much As You Can But Once Only :-

The first thing you need to do is cry, cry louder, let your tears and pain come out through your eyes. Whether you are a male or female, doesn’t matter just cry out. Crying does not mean that you are weak, you will somewhat relaxed after crying. Cry as much as you can, but make sure that you don’t cry after that for the same reason, this is last time you are crying for this reason, just keep that in mind.

2.) Share With Your Best Buddy :-

Best buddies makes our fun the most but those are also the people who listen to us, understand us and stand beside us whenever we need them. Just call your best friend to your place, tell him/her everything you wanna tell, don’t keep a single thing in your heart and mind. Share with them everything, trust me you are gonna feel much better after that.

Music has the power to throw away the depression and stress but keep one thing in mind if you’ll listen to sad music or songs then this music itself is gonna turn your sadness into depression. Go for loud music, Eminem’s rap will do the best in this kind of situation 😉

All I wanna say is don’t sit alone, if you have nothing to do and you are sitting alone then the old memories will kill you, keep yourself engaged in any work be it cleaning your furniture, getting things from market, playing games is the best option.

5.) Go Out With Friends :-

When we are with friends we hardly even think of the problems that were just in our minds before meeting them. Do you agree with me ? I think yes. Plan an outing with your close friends who are full of life and enjoyment, enjoy with them. This “Friends Therapy” works every time with every one (almost).

6.) Porn Can Work Like Crutches For You :-

After getting heart broken people are just like a walking dead, they feel good at nowhere, they don’t wanna smile even, for them here is a piece of advice – Watch Porn.

No matter whatever you do if you don’t do this you cannot heal your heart ever. Mark my words I am asking you to talk to yourself. No other person in this world can make you happy except yourself. If you want to stay happy, you will stay happy, no reason can bother you and make you sad but if you choose to be sad then no fun, no friend, no game, no music and no pill can treat your sadness.

Before applying the above mentioned 6 tips to get over a broken heart, apply this one. The main motive of including this tip in the last is that you read it just now and will remember it. Say to yourself that whatever happened was destiny, it had to happen and there is something even more beautiful for you. If someone ditched you just burn/delete their pics and messages and tell yourself that ” he/she didn’t deserved your pure and true love, its my life and why should I waste it just because of you, there are other people too who love me more than you. You are not that much important for whom I should waste my precious life”.

All the above things can heal your broken heart if you follow them. I would love to hear your stories, how you got hurt and how you healed yourself and brought out of it. Do share with us and our readers. Also share this with the world to let other depressed people get over a broken heart.


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