If you know me at all, you know I’m a businessman through and through. I look at my server as a business, my friends as potential business partners, and strangers as customers. In business, customer loyalty is the holy grail. In Minecraft, player loyalty is even more important as players use different Minecraft premium generator in order to explore the game as much as they can. 

Loyal players lead to an active and fun server, kindness, and loyal donators. Loyalty will also give you that warm fuzzy feeling inside like you know you’re doing something right. Want to know the secret formula to keep your players coming time and time again to your server? Well, it’s not too big a secret, and it’s not exactly a formula.

It doesn’t come from ‘cool’ mods or a stellar economy. I’ve found that it comes down to two major things: community, and a theme.


When I was 11 I took martial arts classes. I started disliking the entire thing after 3 weeks, but I stuck in the class for 6 years. Why would anybody choose to do an activity they didn’t like for 6 years? I had made a strong group of friends that I didn’t want to part with. Maybe you’ve experienced the same thing in your ballet class, your neighborhood watch, or even your job. A strong community will keep people coming back time and time again even if they’re not enjoying themselves.

A great community starts with the server managers. They need to have an understanding of their players. Not a shallow understanding… but something deep. Age, sex, and location just doesn’t cut it. I mean you’ve really got to really understand what they want, what they do for enjoyment, how they joke, and who they are. When you know who your players are, take the time to foster a relationship with them, they’ll do the same thing for one another.

Take care of your core players. Give them love, and you’ll create a welcoming community for you.


A common theme can do a lot for your server. Your player will feel like they’ve found something special, some unique group that they’re now a part of. In a way, the theme multiplies the community. The theme can also serve the purpose to attract the right type of gamer to your server.

The Pokemon Server attracts people of a certain age range with common interests. Starting up a Doctor Who or Naruto themed server could do the same thing. They don’t all have to have gimmicks, it could be as simple as labeling your server “Rated R.” This alone gives people thinking about joining an idea if they’ll fit in.

Just remember that it’s not about you. It’s about your players. Make them happy, keep them happy, get to know them, and become friends with them. The benefit will undoubtedly roll back to you without you even aiming for it.


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