Has your girlfriend dumped you? She says she’s no longer interested in having you as her boyfriend and the relationship you once shared is finished. You didn’t want this to happen. What do you do? Do you know how to win love back if she’s just walked out the door?

To begin with, you have to figure out what the problem is if you want to know how to win love back. Identifying the source of the break up will go a long way toward any sort of reconciliation with your ex.

Maybe your ex girlfriend has told you she’s found someone new or perhaps she says she needs some time and space work things out. Or, worst case scenario and probably the most frustrating reason for ending a relationship you’ll ever deal with, the “It’s not you, it’s me” justification!

If you’ve been confronted by any of the above explanations of why you’re girlfriend has left you, how to win love back will vary from one situation to the other. Here are a few suggestions for regaining that lost love that might help you out or, at least, get you going in the right direction toward possible relationship repair. In order to win the love back, the situation should be in the favor of the person. The relationship of the person will become strong and meet with the requirements of the people. The selection of the direction should be the right one to get the love back. The understanding of the methods and the implementation in the strategy will deliver the best results to the people along with the best cheesy pick up lines

How To Win Love Back of Your Ex-Girlfriend.

  • Your ex girlfriend has found someone else.

At first, this can be a difficult and tricky situation. The new guy in your ex’s life may appear difficult to compete against maybe even a hopeless challenge to take on. Advice on how to win love back in this situation may seem initially to be counterintuitive. However, in all reality, it would be foolish for you to go ‘head to head’ with him even though that might seem to be the right initial reaction.

If he’s the flashy, “night on the town, loaded with cash” kind of guy and you’re the complete opposite, there wouldn’t be any sense in you trying to match him with this type of lifestyle. It’s just not your scene.

You stand a much better chance to win your ex girlfriend back by reminding her about the good things the two of you had going together. Be yourself, the guy she fell in love with when your relationship first started. There’s no point pretending to be what or who you’re not.

So, don’t compete with the “new guy”. Bring out the best in yourself, be who you are! You’ll soon realize if your ex wants to be back with you or not. If she opts for him over you, then…go figure…maybe it’s best the relationship has ended.

  • Sometimes women say they want “space and time”.

When women say they need “room” to get their feelings and emotions in check, many men become confused and start to panic. They somehow believe the relationship is gone for good and that they need to work out how to win love back.

The simple fact, though, is that your ex-girlfriend probably does need space. In many cases it simply means she needs some time to sort out the emotional issues in her life before getting really serious about a relationship. And guys, if you haven’t realized already that this is very important aspect of any woman’s life, you’re now officially informed!

The worst possible thing you could do at this point is to call or text her repeatedly, write her love poems, send her flowers call around at her house or workplace, etc., etc. Pestering your ex and continually trying to get her to take you back will only serve to widen and deepen to rift in your relationship.

It also makes you appear to be needy and desperate! And that’s definitely not the impression you want your ex to get!

The best advice, though once again it sounds counterintuitive, is to let her know that ‘the door is still open’ and you’ll be there. She can come back at her own pace when she’s good and ready. If your ex girlfriend comes back, she’ll appreciate you all the more for respecting her emotional needs. And, if she doesn’t come back, same as was said before…go figure!…

  •  The “It’s not you, it’s me” situation.

This is probably the most difficult scenario to cope with when a relationship ends. If your ex no longer thinks you are going in the same direction and she’s not really sure about what she wants out of life, it can be a very confusing time. For example, if she thinks she wants to lead a “Sex and the City” kind of existence and you know it’s not for you, you have to determine whether making compromises in your own life are worth it.

While there’s no one surefire answer on how to deal with this kind of predicament, you shouldn’t give up hope of her ever coming back to you. You’d be surprised at how many women think they want some kind of lifestyle only to discover down the road that it wasn’t what they’d desired after all. If you love her and you’re prepared to wait for your ex to come back, it’s most likely the best advice to follow.

But, it can be very, very testing! In many ways, it’s similar to the previous point about giving your ex “space”, only difference would be the length of time it might take for her to hopefully return to your arms!


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