Well this article ought to be very interesting because it takes on a touchy subject that many people are hesitant to discuss about especially if they have attained a ripe old age and believe me, they don’t want to sound like they are going bonkers by talking about such a taboo topic.

It isn’t taboo in the exact sense just because people about it through implication rather than a straightforward discussion most of the times because this is the age where you have to imply through riddles and code language but not for this article.

The readers are not used to jargons and technical stuff so we shall take forward the discussion in language that everyone can understand because a topic like human growth hormones is not something that a layman can understand if you use the terms as they are known to the experts that cannot speak about it in any other form.

Brief Definition

To begin with, what exactly are growth hormones? Whenever we hear the word ‘hormones’, the first thing that pops up is regarding a sexual content where two people of the opposite sex give in to their passion due to the raging hormones inside them.

Have you ever bothered to find out how any living being is born as a baby and then grows into an adult? It is due to the growth hormones that secrete in the pituitary glands that allow the body to undergo puberty and the facial transformations that one undergoes are due to them only.

Hormones are like a secretion that comes out from the glands where the body grows into a huge bulk right from baby form and this happens to everyone but there is also a problem in this.

If the hormones secrete at an uncontrollable pace then your body will continue to grow and it would be impossible for the body organs to handle the pressure and a person will reach to a gigantic size.

This condition is called Acromegaly where the body reaches a massive size at a young age and a 13-year-old starts looking a young man of 30 with chest hair and one important example of such a person is WWE wrestler Andre the Giant.

He was born with such a condition that made him 5 to 6 times stronger than a normal person and was dubbed the ‘Eighth Wonder of the World’.

Age Issues

There is a debate among people whether growth hormones can make you look a lot younger than your actual age because once you cross 50, then the hormones slow down and youth starts to say goodbye.

HGH treatment is possible for people that are dealing with hormonal deficiency with a synthetic HGH that is prescribed by doctors where they are injected on a regular basis and then experience positive changes in their body.

It will increase their body mass, bone density and reduce body fat to a great extent so if you are looking for an HGH for sale offer then you can look it up online.


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