Although the internet is a miraculous thing, there is a bad side to it. It is impossible to live without the internet today, be it for surfing or for some other use. Many organizations are constantly tracking you. It is impossible to say that you are truly safe or secure. You must need some steps for your own sake, like using a dedicated private proxy. 

Not only for individuals but also proxy has also been proved beneficial for the companies. If you run a small business, it is common to get confused while choosing a proxy. The best proxy you can get is a private or dedicated proxy. It is better than the other types because only you can exclusively use it without sharing. 

Understanding the working of proxies

Before getting further about proxies, it is better to understand them. A proxy is a digital computer that acts as a middleman or intermediary between the browser and server. 

Proxies provide security and safety depending on their types. When you are looking for proxies, it is vital to know the choices you have. You have two options that are:

  • Shared proxies – used by more than one user simultaneously
  • Private or dedicated proxies – only allow one user at a time

Why dedicated proxies are better

Dedicated private proxies are the right fit for your business, and the answer to your why is below:

  • Online anonymity 

Proxy provides a new IP address, hence, giving you anonymity. You can browse privately without being on the radar of third parties.

A business gets many things from a private proxy, such as web scraping capabilities, circumventing geo-blocking, tracking internet usage, and competitor analysis. You can also block those sites that add no value to your business. 

  • Enhanced internet speed

As a small business, you need to build an online community. It can be done by enhancing the experience of the visitors to your site. If the page is slow, it can chase away potential customers. 

Shared proxies deliver slower speed, but this is not the case with dedicated proxies. Instead, they offer faster speed even at peak traffic hours.

  • Security

Small businesses are prone to cyber-attacks, and in most cases, they cannot survive. Thus, it is vital to keep an eye on your security. Dedicated private proxies offer a high level of security, preventing hackers from accessing your data. 

The data is encrypted, ensuring that only the recipient gets the information. 

  • Avoiding ad disruptions

While there are options for free shared proxies in the market, you may not want to go with them. It would help if you remembered the phrase “cheap is expensive.” Every time you open a webpage, you are bombarded with numerous ads. Such a situation doesn’t arise in dedicated private proxies. 

You can click here now to know about other benefits of private proxies like social media engagement. 

When shopping for a dedicated proxy, make sure you get all the features you want, and the needs of your business get fulfilled. Also, you can conduct your research before shopping; it helps a lot. 


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