No doubt you have heard of the latest diet craze everyone is talking about, the Fasting Diet? Where you can lose weight simply by eating less for two days a week.

Well, despite its current popularity, fasting is nothing new as people have been doing some sort of fasting for hundreds of years in the name of religion, take Ramadan or Lent as two examples.

These days as many as 44% of all Americans are dieting with an incredible 14% using fasting as their preferred method.

Let’s see if the Fasting Diet is effective as suggested in the Resurge reviews or whether it is yet another fad diet that should be avoided.

What is the Fasting Diet?

Although the Fasting Diet can be called other names; for example, the Fast Diet or 5:2 Diet the basic principle is the same.

For two days a week, you should severely restrict your calorie intake to around 500 calories for women and 600 for men.

For the rest of the time, you should eat a normal diet.

One of the main attractions of this diet is its flexibility as to when you want to go for dinner for example you simply need to rearrange your schedule to ensure you do it on one of your ‘feast’ days.

Can you actually lose weight?

While undertaking this diet you can certainly lose weight due to the fact your weekly calorie intake should be reduced.

By restricting your calorie intake to just 500 calories for two days you should be able to lose around a pound a week.

Other claimed benefits of a Fasting Diet is the ability to reduce the risk of diabetes and other conditions, it can extend your life span and improve your memory.

If this sounds too good to be true then read on as there some potential risks too.

Despite its undoubted ability to aid your weight loss efforts, you will only be successful if you use a little moderation on the days you are allowed to eat normally.

Although the diet seems to make out that you can eat whatever you wish on the feast days, in reality, if you go overboard then you could negate any benefits you could receive from the fasting days.

One other issue surrounding this diet is its approach, and whether it would simply be easier to stick to the traditional dieting values of portion control. Basically saying would you just be better off reducing your portion sizes and calorie intake for the full week.

Although you can certainly lose weight with this diet it should only be undertaken by those who are able to use a little common sense regarding their food options on the feast days.

If you are just going to binge on those five days then you will certainly never reach your weight loss goals.


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