If you take some time to examine your own training program, the experiences, and gains, you will always notice either of three things. For one, you might notice that you are in a stagnant stage where gains have not been forthcoming for some time. Again, you might notice that there have been some gains to an extent, but the volume of those gains is not appealing to you, it is far too little and insignificant given your goals. On this page, you will find the best tricks that you can follow in order to grow your body in no time.

Fortunately, you might note that you have made some acceptable amount of gain, the level of progress has been accumulated, and you are thrilled to amplify the gains. At this time, whichever of the three conclusions you arrive at, you are bound to resolve a new start where growth will be taken to a new level. You will then evaluate, research, and seek all manner of techniques, training systems routines, and approaches reputed to be the best. Most of these approaches, techniques, routines, and systems will be novel to you and they will invite you due to their attributed phenomenon success in others.

You might have learned of them by surfing the net and reading articles published on body-building websites. You might have learned of them from your instructor or colleague. You might have read of them in the health of bodybuilding magazine. Whichever way you get to learn new ideas, the best in them must be continually incorporated in your training and perfected in practice.

Once you resolve to try out any of the new programs, you have to adjust your lifestyle and training culture to facilitate the change. It will definitely provoke an adaptive reaction or response, even though temporarily, so as to ingrain the novelty into a norm. One good thing about trying out new things during a body-building training program is that it revives the motivation and recharges the drive towards the objectives. The mere novelty of new training approaches, techniques and routine give an impetus and a stimulus to your program, sufficient to break free from plateaus.

It is therefore important that you learn how to determine when your program is becoming dormant and then try to reactivate it using novelty. By the time that novelty becomes a norm, and therefore boring and bare of motivation, you will have edged forward, ready to grow into a new phase of the training program.

This is a good way of ensuring that you are perpetually on the hyper mode, perpetually optimistic, and on full throttle. Never let yourself become complacent with the training for when that happens, you easily slip into a plateau. Intelligently-designed bodybuilding training programs are flexible enough to accommodate new perspectives, strategies, systems, and approaches that encourage the pursuit of the ultimate body-building objectives. The novelty must then be consistently followed out until it becomes a norm and then it is time to revolt against the norm again, rock the boat with another novelty and the circle continues, as you advance in gains and edge closer to the ultimate goals of training.


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