The basics of your home electrical system

To be able to better understand your electrical system, you will need to learn about the basics and primary parts. Generally, a residential electrical system consists of an electrical panel, breakers and the circuits.

From your local electric provider, electricity travels to your home through wires. This will then flow through your electrical panel and breakers, sending electricity to power your lights and appliances by going out through the circuits and outlets. Aside from rhis, there is also a main breaker that is the main switch for the electricity that flows throughout your home. If you want to shut the electricity throughout the house, all you have to do is switch off the main breaker.

For each of the major appliances in your home, such as the heating and cooling unit, there is a dedicated breaker assigned individually for them. This ensures consistent and safe flow of electricity throughout the house. This is also true for some areas of the house, particularly those that require a lot of electricity such as the living room where your television and home theater is and your kitchen where your oven, washer and refrigerator are. Find Your Electrical Contractor at online reputed websites. It will require spending of adequate time and efforts at the place. The information about the working and charges should be provided to the individuals. The hiring is made with the skills and excellence. The running of the electrical appliances will be great. 

Although the entire wiring and electrical system is too complex for a homeowner, it helps if you know the basics so you know what to check and where to look should you encounter any electrical problems. An electrician from Five Star Electric can provide you with all the information that you need to learn more about your home electrical system.

What to do in case of an electrical problem

There are different problems that can occur to your home electrical system. It can be a power outage caused by some problems from your local electric provider or damaged wires due to strong winds or lightning. A problem might also occur with your home’s electrical panel causing you to have flickering lights or loss of power in some parts of the house.

Should you encounter any of these problems, the first thing you need to do is to go to your main electrical breaker and shut down the electricity supply to the entire home. This will prevent your current problem from causing damage to your appliances. Then, you need to call a local electrician in Myrtle Beach and have him check your home electrical system. Note that even a simple and minor electrical problem can easily lead to more severe problems such as an electrical fire if not addressed and resolved at once.

To further protect you, your home and your family from the dangers of electrical problems, you should also consider having a professional install automatic safety features such as surge protectors and ground circuit fault breakers. Also, make sure that your home’s electrical system is up to date and using safe and approved wires.


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