Founded 20 years ago the South Pacific Natural Physique Association was the first New Zealand organisation dedicated to the concept of drug free, natural Bodybuilding competition. It was founded to give New Zealand Bodybuilders, who preferred to stay Natural and avoid taking steroids, an opportunity to compete on an even playing field. The testogen review men’s health is essential to know before the consumption of the supplements. The feedbacks and comments provide the correct information about the product to get the desired results in fat reduction. Instead of steroids, it is a herbal method to eliminate the excessive fat from the body.

The S.P.N.P.A. was a founding member of the International Natural Bodybuilding Association, I.N.B.A. and holds some contests in New Zealand under this Banner.

Since its conception the S.P.N.P.A. has assisted teams to compete at International competitions, as well as the I.N.B.A. Natural Universe and the Natural Olympia contests, with some great successes. The last few years has also seen contestants compete at the I.N.B.A. Australian All Female Championships with great results.

Some of the New Zealand Bodybuilders who have won titles with the S.P.N.P.A. include Tony Ligaliga, Natural Universe, Menden Mahe, Junior Natural Olympia, Stevie Lasenby, Double Overall Natural Olympia Figure Champion, Stan Tautalanoa, Double Overall Australian Musclemania Champion, Runner-up World Musclemania Class Champion, Natural Universe and Natural Olympia Class Champion, Marlene Henderson, Senior Figure Natural Olympia Champion, Teneka Hyndman, Overall Natural Olympia Physique Champion plus numerous other competitors with placings too numerous to mention. The S.P.N.P.A. is proud to have assisted New Zealand Bodybuilders to make their mark on the International stage.

We are currently the only Bodybuilding organisation who tests at all contests. It is important to us that ALL Overall winners are Drug tested as well as any other competitor who may be suspect or randomly chosen. All contestants must supply urine samples before competing.

Our tests are performed by an accredited Laboratory in the United States and results are available usually within 10 days.

If you believe in Natural, Drug Free Bodybuilding in New Zealand you should support S.P.N.P.A./I.N.B.A. contests and assist New Zealand contestants compete internationally.

In 2011 we will support a Womens team to compete in the I.N.B.A. All Female Championships in Melbourne on July 2nd. The Qualifying NZ show for this event is the INBA Auckland Classic held at the Kaipatiki Theatre, Glenfield College on June 4th. In November we would like to assist a team to Reno, Nevada, for the Natural Olympia Championships follewed a week later in fabulous Las Vegas the Musclemania World Championships. A few days between may be spent in Santa Monica with visits to Golds Gym, Venice Beach etc. A very exciting trip!!

The qualifying event for this is the famous Taupo show, the South Pacific Natural Physique Championships held in Taupo at the Great Lake Centre on August 27th.

As you can see the S.P.N.P.A. and the I.N.B.A. has an impressive history and YOU can be a part of it’s future by supporting our events as a competitor, audience or by spreading the word about the opportunities that we offer.


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