A sword-slinging samurai epic game developed by Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja. Nioh is considered to be one of the best samurai games of this year(2016) with excellent RPG mechanics for PlayStation4. This new Samurai RPG game launched with new weapons, new villages, more dangerous enemies, and dark souls. The graphics in the Nioh game reminds of ancient Japanese history with samurai background bringing more flavors of Ninja gaming with extraordinary background music.

The Level of customization the game has is awesome. A player can customize his own samurai with many different and unique weapons and armor with excellent features with a blacksmith. It really feels like you have created a totally new samurai. As the enemies are tough and you just have to be better to expect enemies attacks in Nioh, as you stand long enough in the games makes you a better player. Choosing a right Stance level is key to the game, else it feels like Samurais are born to die. So, choosing a right stance level makes this Japanese samurai of Nioh a conqueror against tough daemons. On a total note, the game finds similarities with Dark souls with heavy Japanese influence.

Each weapon has different stances like High, Mid, Low. High stance is better used when you want to fight against single target quickly but it’s durability and the drop rate is quick and you may lose your stamina very quickly use it when you really need it. Mid-stance is a deliberate and balanced approach best used against strong or unfamiliar enemies .Low stance is low damage approach that focuses on slippery moves best used taking against multiple enemies at one go. Relatively, when you play GTA, you can use modded GTA 5 accounts so you can experience the best of the game. 

Explore better to find shortcuts which in turn reduces the time taken to access new area so that you can progress well in the game. If you rush in this game you will lose your stamina, so maintain stamina level to defense more, Nioh game really challenges you with tough enemies with tough gameplay than their previous ninjas like Dark souls. In Nioh you have to play slowly and deliberately until you know your way around.

After playing the game, here are few things I found interesting and few not. Am gonna list them out under the Pros and Cons section separately.

  • Extremely user likely and well featured
  • Believe me, the graphics <3, totally addicted.
  • Finds similarity with Dark Souls (Not that I don’t like it, but it’s the matter of uniqueness)
  • Personally, I find the game challenging (I mean, too challenging :D)

Finally be durable by monitoring the drop rate choose right equipment with high damage resistant to defense more against those deadly monsters , Stamina must be managed very wisely to stay long in this epic samurai game, with right stance at right time makes you the winner of this sword slinging samurai epic game Nioh.


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