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Methodology of performing a water search with a water search dog

I am often surprised at the number of people, both from the general public and from search dog user agencies, who are unaware that a trained search dog can find a subject underwater. The commonly asked question is “How do they get the scent?” I think that the common misconception is that scent stays with the body, when in fact scent rises to the surface of the water.

To explain this concept to people I start by telling them about the “Pig Pen” concept because everyone knows that Pig Pen is the dirty little guy in the Peanuts comic strip who deposits STUFF everywhere he goes. Then I tell them to imagine dropping Pig Pen in a bathtub, soaking him for a while, then draining the tub.

The line around the tub is deposited from what came off Pig Pen, came to the surface of the water, and stuck to the side of the tub. This is similar to what happens with scent from a recently drowned person. Oils, skin rafts, hair fibers, clothing fibers and much more are percolating to the water’s surface. Dogs are trained to find all of these scents on the ground and in the air, so handlers can teach them to find it on the water and under the water.

To acquire the scent, the dog can sniff the air for scent that is being evaporated out of the water and riding on the breeze and the dog can taste the scent by nipping at the water, and, of course, the dog can smell the particles of scent that are on the water and just beneath the water’s surface. Commonly, scuba divers are used to begin the water search dog training process because divers have similar scent to a recently drown person and they can pop up and reward the dog. This teaches the dog that when he finds that scent – POW – great things happen – the man from the lagoon plays with him! Scuba divers are accompanied with bubbles which are also visual cues to the dog and they help to percolate the scent more rapidly. To make sure the dog isn’t just looking for bubbles a handler would set an empty scuba tank in the water to “proof” against bubbles.

In other words, just because bubbles are there, doesn’t mean scent and reward is there. Dogs can find a drowned subject directly after an accident or hours or days later. That is because the training doesn’t stop with finding divers. Search dogs are also taught to look for the scent of decomposition gases that are commonly found when a body has begun the process of decay. The training material for this can be found in pseudo (or imitated) form. Pseudo scent or (Corpse scent – drowned victim scent formulation) has been designed by chemists as a training material for search dogs.

The companies that produce this training aide claim that it simulates a chemical composition like that of a drowned human body. Handlers will sometimes use pseudo in combination with real human tissue and sometimes handlers will use only human tissues. The source for human tissues can be drawn blood, hair, nails, skin rafts, urine and other collectable human contributions for training purposes.

You have heard the saying “Often imitated but never duplicated”. That is how some handlers feel about chemically made human scent. The scientific tests are not in about pseudo scent , yet many water search dogs have been successfully trained on the substance. The next question I get asked is “How do you get scent into the water?” There are many different systems that can aide the search dog handler in effectively getting the training scent into the water.

The use of divers, scent tubes on lines, bobber systems, bait buckets and a scent pump apparatus are just some of the methods used to put scent in the water. The advantage of the scent pump is that the scent material doesn’t have to enter the water system. The air that is pumped past the scent picks up the microscopic gases and then deposits into the water. The result of careful, well planned out training is that dog and handler can assist in locating a subject. The canine detection tool is so strong that it may takes days for a team of search & rescue divers to find a drowned subject, whereas the trained water search dog can shorten the task dramatically! It is every handlers hope that they will be there soon enough with a trained water search dog to find a person who can be resuscitated.

Unfortunately, that is not usually the case. However, most handlers agree that the reclaiming of a loved one for the family is a very important job. In the case of a cold water drowning some subjects have been revived even after amazing amounts of time underwater because the body systems slow down.

There is always the possibility that a search dog could make the difference between life and death if able to respond immediately. Here are more articles related to Water Search. If the dogs are provided with CBD products, then the performance in the water search is the effective one. In order to know about the benefits, the master will select to do a click to read more information at the official site. The health problems of the pets are reduced under the guidance of the experts. 

Using technology to market cosmetic dentistry

The presentation of proposed dental treatment has been hampered by the absence of visual communication technologies. New high tech dentistry-related tools permit efficient production of case presentations for cosmetic dentistry and restorative dentistry. Bensalembucksdental.com describes how to create computer-based case presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint (Microsoft Corp., Redmond, WA) and visual treatment proposals using Microsoft Word for Windows.

State-of-the-art cosmetic dentistry enables patients to enhance their natural beauty. The techniques and materials being used are significantly improved compared with those available a few years ago. Yet, with all the advances in dental technology, little has been achieved in the cosmetic dentistry marketing arena. Certainly, magnifying teeth on a television set by using an intraoral camera improves communication. Showing teeth alone does not begin to tap the billions of dollars patients are waiting to spend to enhance their smiles.

Marketing cosmetic dentistry involves building awareness, stimulating demand, and then closing the sale. Once a patient is in the chair, most cosmetic dentists obtain treatment acceptance. The purpose of this article is to illustrate how computer technology, combined with savvy marketing skills, reduces the time required to obtain patient acceptance, increases patient referrals, and generates new patients from technology-based external marketing.

Consider that certain norms in our society discourage people from talking about their dentists and teeth. The norm in our society is to offer condolences to anyone who is going to the dentist and perhaps make comments about how much one dislikes going to the dentist. A patient who raves about her wonderful, fulfilling and comfortable dental appointments is often met with guffaws and disbelief. Until society adopts new attitudes that are more consistent with modern dental care, people will tend to downplay positive dental experiences.

Technology tools, such as the computer-based patient case presentation, visual treatment proposal, and digital before-and-after photos, make patients enthusiastic, effective communicators about their own cosmetic dentistry. Patient enthusiasm is contagious and generates referrals.

The computer-based patient case presentation is similar to a custom slide show that is created with the computer and viewed on the computer monitor. Real-time production eliminates taking conventional film-based images, waiting for developing, and scheduling a separate visit for a consultation. Using the computer permits you to develop word slides that support the presentation.

Microsoft PowerPoint (Microsoft Corp., Redmond, WA), the software used to create this presentation, is a full-featured, easy-to-use software program that is available through major computer outlets. Any full-featured presentation program can be used for the computer-based patient case presentation. The software allows you to create slide shows in a matter of minutes. I recommend that you create several standard slide show templates about various topics, such as veneers, bonding, or tooth whitening. Once created, a template can be personalized with a specific patient’s information in less than 5 minutes.

Segments from the new patient exam will be used to illustrate a computer-based patient case presentation. When the patient first arrives at the office, she or he is seated in the consultation room to view a brief presentation about what will happen during the visit. This prepares the patient for the exam, reduces anxiety, invites questions by educating the patient about dentistry, and sometimes reduces the time required by anticipating common questions and answering them during the presentation.

The presentation is customized by having the patient’s name appear in the lower right corner of every slide. The patient uses two arrow keys on a wireless remote control, much like a television remote, to move the slides forward or backward on the computer monitor.

Figure I shows the consultation room with a smile displayed on a 31 -inch monitor. The models on top of the monitor show the relative size of the computer image. The monitor is part of a Gateway 2000 Destination (Gateway 2000, North Sioux City, SD) computer system that is equipped with a wireless keyboard and remote mouse. A Destination system, complete with a fast Pentium (Intel, Santa Clara, CA) processor and CD-ROM costs $3500 to $4500, depending on the speed of the processor.

The large screen, irrespective of the images displayed, makes an impressive statement about how the practice uses technology. Patients are impressed and riveted to the images on the screen. Living in a video generation makes patients highly responsive to video-based stimuli.

Figure 2 shows a word slide created with Microsoft PowerPoint, a graphics presentation software package. The slide is shown as part of a 20-slide introduction to the new patient examination that prepares the patient for what occurs during the examination and allows the patient to formulate questions. This preparation reduces anxiety and familiarizes the patient with a presentation format that will be used to discuss the patient’s treatment needs.

One advantage of computerized case presentations is that they can be modified and customized instantaneously to reflect precisely what the patient requires. Images of the patient, illustrations taken from other multimedia case presentation tools, as well as images of cases similar to the patient’s case, can be incorporated in a matter of seconds.

Presentations can be printed on a color printer or black and white laser printer for the patient to take away from the office. Rather than give a meager color photo or a single-page treatment proposal, the patient departs with 10 to 20 pages of easy-to-understand, highly personalized information about his or her mouth, complete with images! A 20-page proposal, home care instructions, or explanation of treatment needs costs less than $1.50 in supplies costs. Most patients spend considerably more time reviewing documents in this format because they are personalized. An added benefit is that many patients share the document (every page has the doctor’s name to it) with other potential patents, which stimulates new patient referrals. Figures 3 and 4 illustrate examples of the take-home presentation.

The talk is cheap. Combine an intraoral camera with a Laser Printer and a $200 video capture device to create a knockout visual treatment proposal that makes patients say yes to treatment. Figures 5, 6, and 7 are samples of the computer-based presentation. Imagine building a new house. The architect gives you an itemized price list of materials and describes the roofline, how the daylight will stream through the windows, dimensions, elevations, and shapes of the rooms. The landscaper deftly articulates a litany of Latin plant species s she or he points to where the plantings will be located and how they complement the placement of the house. Would you feel comfortable that you are making the right decisions without seeing drawings or illustrations of the finished house and landscape? Would you spend an additional $1000 on trees if the landscaper showed you pictures of how they improved the house’s appearances? Each time you give a patient an itemized treatment proposal, she or he might react to procedure codes, descriptions, and fees just as you would to the architect’s materials list. Now, irrespective of your dental software or intraoral camera vendors, you can produce a simple, inexpensive, persuasive visual treatment proposal. One picture in the proposal could be the key to acceptance of the cosmetic treatment a patient desperately needs.

A visual treatment proposal incorporates intraoral and extraoral video pictures [2]. Sometimes it ‘includes pictures or illustrations captured from multimedia patients education products like Casey (Advanced Learning Technologies, Albany, OR), or Show-it (New Image, Carlsbad, CA). Compare the text-based reports and information you now give patients and referring doctors to the possibilities of integrating full-color video images into documents. The output can be produced on an inexpensive color printer ($800 to $1500) for $1.00 to $2.00 per page at the low end of the spectrum. Hewlett-Packard (Hewlett-Packard, Santa Clara, CA) recently introduced the HP-5M color laser printer, which produces incredible output on plain paper at a cost of $0.20 to $0.30 per page. The printer is priced from $5700 to $7500 depending on the features you select.

A visual treatment proposal takes 5 minutes to create and costs less than $1.00 to print on a laser printer. Use visual treatment proposals selectively. Because of the time involved, you won’t want a visual treatment proposal for everybody. You will need the following items to produce your own visual treatment proposal:

Once you have the right techniques and equipment, you may spend a couple of hours creating your first visual treatment proposals. You should be able to create a proposal in less than 5 minutes after 20 proposals.

The visual treatment proposal strengthens patients’ comprehension. Patients are often surprised, amazed, and sometimes appalled when they first see the true condition of their mouth with the aid of the intraoral video. Educated patients accept treatment. For less than $1.00 the visual treatment proposal, enhanced with your words and sketches, allows patients to accept treatment by studying and sharing visual information in the comfort of their own homes. Furthermore, it makes patients feel special and gives you the satisfaction that everyone in the practice has done an excellent job communicating with patients.

You will need a device that converts images displayed on a television monitor (analog video) into computer images (digital). This is called a digitizer and consists of a circuit board that goes inside your computer or an external electronic unit. You will also need special software that controls the digitizing process. Software is usually included with the package. The digitizer may be a component of your camera system (AcuCam PC, [New Image, Carlsbad, CA], and so forth). f not, you can purchase an image digitizer like Snappy, which costs $200. Almost all computer stores and mail-order computer companies stock Snappy. Keep in mind that the image digitizers included with intraoral camera systems have more features and better resolution than Snappy. A better solution than Snappy is a video capture card. This circuit board goes inside the computer, digitizes, images, and also displays the intraoral image on the computer screen, which now replaces the television monitor most intraoral cameras use (Snappy only displays a small black-and-white image on the computer screen until you “snap” the full color, image).

If you want to differentiate your practice so that patients recognize you as a leader in your profession, high-technology multimedia presentations are the most effective solution to maintaining and developing a thriving practice in the face of growing interference from insurance and governmental regulators. High-technology communication also creates strong barriers to entry by other practitioners because they have to match your level of marketing to be effective. Most practices take 2 to 3 years to fully implement high-technology marketing presentations into the practice. Once you jump on the learning curve and stay on it, nobody will be able to catch you.

Helpful Guide On How To Live Stream Sports Like Pro

Sports lovers are always anxious to live stream their favourite football matches and other match series on their portable devices. But, if you have the best live streaming tool installed on your portable device, the streaming experience enhances. If you have the right equipment for live streaming, you can enhance the streaming experience. Many sports organizations have switched to mobile device streaming to offer the fan followers an option to tune in live like a pro without expensive equipment. Below you will come across with a beginner’s guide on streaming your favourite sports like a pro. 


The first important thing that you would require for easy streaming of your favourite sports online is the internet connectivity. A high-speed internet connection is necessary. The speed of the router may vary depending upon the version. Anything less than 11 Mbps is not suggested, as it won’t offer you the best live streaming experience. You must always choose the high-speed connection and ensure a minimal gap between the receiver and transmitter to heighten the connection speed. 


Once you are done with the internet connection, it is the time to put together the equipment. You would require a laptop or PC installed with Windows OS. Remember, the CPU of the PC must have higher RAM capacity, memory and processor. All these hardware requirements must be met for smoother streaming. The CPU hardware must be updated one, and it must comprise of better hardware devices that can transmit the streams efficiently and smoothly.

Basic Streaming Software 

You will come across with different streaming services over the internet. You need to choose the best Live Football TV for PC to have the best streaming experience. You also need to check the charges and opt for the free streaming services. To live streaming the football matches, you need to log in to the streaming website using your Google Account and browse to the Live Stream Dashboard. 

You can check all the ongoing matches that you can live stream from the website itself. Some live stream services offer additional functions and features like a live scoreboard, quick start guide and more. 

Optimal Software – Social Media

The final thing you need to look for is the live fan feedback. You need to check how many people are streaming the event and also their feedback regarding the game. If you want to cheer your team during the game, look for such features of social media. The social media option allows you to include the fans into your broadcast and make it a part of your event. It not only makes your live streaming enjoyable but also allows you to get live fan feedbacks and updates about the event via the fans from across the world who are streaming the match with you online.    

Many other hidden features are seldom used in these programs. So, ensure to use them all to have the best live streaming experience like a pro. Choose the best Live Football TV for PC to enjoy live production and streaming of your favourite sport.


Dog Barking Collar – How To Use It Correctly

 Dog barking collar is a training tool to help dog owners teach their dogs not to bark. Why would anyone need that tool? Well, if you have got a dog who simply loves to bark, you would understand why. Barking dogs are a nuisance no matter where they are and no dog owners would appreciate a persistent irritating barker no matter how much they love their dogs, and this is especially true for your neighbors who would have to bear with the noise pollution that your dog creates. When it comes to buying a dog barking collar, it should be chosen with care.

There are many options such as the Citronella or shock collars. No doubt, the dog barking collar should only be used with headstrong dogs as it will effectively help put a stop to their barking, though care should be taken to ensure that the dog barking collar one chooses should be humane as well as effective in stopping unwarranted barking. There are different levels of correction that one may choose. The dog barking collar uses technology that sense both sound as well as vibration at the same time and when the two factor is detected, it will trigger the electronic correction. Such collars are able to sense the vibrations within the dog’s throat that occurs during its barking, this is design so as to prevent false corrections that may occur when other dogs bark. One should consider the weight of the dog when choosing a dog barking collar – a weight of eight pounds is generally recommended.

There are many different dog barking collars that one can try in the market, and the main consideration is that it should be humane and not give correction by the barking of other dogs. Some of the better designed products will trigger when the dog barks. It will then release a harmless spray of citronella under the chin that will help to surprise and distract the dog, thus making it stop barking. Such a product is very effective to a large extent and also humane. There are also different sizes to choose from and may be purchased in either standard or be of a size that is suitable for smaller breeds. One should take note and try not to use the dog barking collar if the barking problems is the result of separation, anxiety, fear or phobia. The dog barking collar can be a Citronella collar, aversive sound collar, or an electric shock collar. Using one might be able to stop the dog from barking, but they still suffer from the drawback as these collars do not address the underlying cause of its barking.

In essence, barking collars are simply to make people aware of the dog’s presence because they can even lose their cool at times and lunge at the first person within their reach but as mentioned, these collars can lead to setbacks not only through injury but health issues as well so it is important to pacify them with dog treats, which you can read about on https://observer.com/2020/04/best-cbd-dog-treats/. 

Using them will not solve the root of the problem. In the long run, this may result in symptom substitutions in which the dogs may take to digging, escaping or becoming destructive as well over aggressive. It is highly recommended that dog owners should use a dog barking collar together with obedience and behavioral training. Only by doing so will solve your dog barking problems that are based on the root cause of barking.

Why Do Most Of The Guest Bloggers Fail? What Is The Reason Behind It? Here Are The Details To Know!

Most of the companies are hiring guest bloggers to get quality content on their websites. But some of the companies are unable to get skilled and talented content writers, which mean they have higher ones that are not capable enough to fulfill their desire. The guest bloggers need to submit a higher level of standards when it comes to content writing, and they need to make sure that they have done remarkable tasks.

The guest bloggers need to make sure that they have submitted the plagiarism free content, which will reduce the chances of any kind of copyright strike. There are a lot of guest bloggers who you have been experiencing failure from a prolonged period, but the thing is, what is the reason behind it? What are the things that they need to take care of? How will they get the desired services along with winning experience?

The answers to your question have been described at the points mentioned below. These points will enable you to get the idea of a glimpse of the reason behind the failure, and they will also allow you to know what things can take place to resolve these issues. So let’s do not invest for the more time and check out the details below:-

The reason behind the failure along with the solution of guest blogging:-


When it comes to guest blogging, there is a factor that you need to take care of, and that is professionalism. As the professional guest blogger, you need to submit the higher quality work at the price you offered and said yes. The company e can get a professional guest blogger, and they can maintain constant contact with you if you are proficient enough to let them get their desired results.

This is one of the essential factors which the person needs to take care of. Still, several people are not showing any professionalism to the company. As they are not something their work on time and this is the reason which might cause the issues between the relation of you and company. This is how you will not get further works from their side and might get a negative response.


One of the essential factors that you need to know is that do not promote yourself instead of the company. This is because the company is paying you to promote them, and if you do a positive, then there is the biggest failure waiting for you ahead.

The promotional activity needs to be done for the company only, and if the company is asking you to do so for yourself, then you are allowed to get it done. All of these things need to be kept in the mind while write for us business or the respective company.

The peroration 

The guest blogging needs to be done consciously and being the professional blogger you need to take care of certain things more than described above.

Eight Easy ways to attract outsiders!! For a Trade show booth

People organize various trade shows by putting all their efforts and time. They want a positive response in return. So they try various attractive measures to gain customer attention. When you are organizing a business trade fair and getting an inadequate response from the public , it demotivates you. You can increase customer attention in many ways, but you should opt for the most attractive one.

 The aim of the business person should be to draw visitor’s attention from other fields. Try to connect with all the users who are present at that moment. The company should organize giveaways for more and more public participation. It is the best way to build a brand image at a vast level. 

Want to make your trade show booth display successful!! Follow the below-mentioned tips.

The dream of every business person is to grow its business by launching new products and services. After launching new products, the next step is to do its promotion. The person can get gif photo booth rental services from well-renowned companies. They add a unique stall, which gives an eye-catching view. Booth display plays a vital role in gaining customer attention. There have various stalls in trade shows, so if you want to make your stall extraordinary, you should use a mascot. 

We are discussing each type in detail for a better understanding.

Promotion of trade show- Advertise your trade show booth information on a social media platform so that everyone can attend it. You should post the location and details of trade booth atleast 3 to 4 days prior. Social media is a great platform that helps in sending messages to a broad audience. When you upload some information on the internet, it quickly gets passed on to others. Write informative content along with the picture so that person can get to know more about the show. If you are launching a new product, do mention its specifications.

Use a mascot- Nowadays, businessman use a Mascot to attract visitors towards their sales. Kids love to take pictures with big teddies, forcing their parents to visit the mascot stall. Do not mention any restrictions for clicking photos with the Mascot. The height of the Mascot is giant so they can easily attract customer attention even in a crowded place. People can easily see the big showpiece; also, the site has a gathering of thousands of people. Hiring in Mascot for a day will not charge you much.

Set up a fancy photo stall – Everyone loves to take selfies, so whenever they found a Photo Booth, they visit them. Setting off a photo Booth will attract customers, and it will help you to advertise your brand products. You can use a selfie prop, which signifies the brand name, its product, and services. The person will take selfies. They will read the mentioned quotations and hashtags. So it will make your company accessible when people upload their pictures on the social media platform. You can also ask customers to publish their posts with the company’s name hashtags.

Giveaways and mindful games– When the company distributes gifts for a particular event organized by them, more and more people participate. The company can arrange a game booth where different people will play games and interact with the company team. Give away is the name to attract people. You only need to arrange a couple of gifts for thousands of people. Giveaways are given to random people, so everyone thinks of winning them. Until the lucky winners are announced, the attention of all the participants is at a particular stall.

How Online Pet Supplies Acts For Your Benefit

When you have a pet at home you feel so happy. Especially for people who stay alone and have no one to look after them, pets would indeed serve as great friends and companions making them feel like a family. However, when you have a pet at home it is not always possible for you to go to the store and look for pet supplies. In this case, it would be best that you visit online stores and opt for essential pet items like pet supplements such as https://petlifetoday.com/best-cbd-oil-for-cats/, pet meds, pet toys, and foods. Buying online pet supplies is extremely conveniently nowadays and thus you should make arrangements to avail for the same.

There are several manufacturers who go about selling pet grooming products with the help of their individual official websites. Thus, the internet is the place where you can easily get hold of such products and suffice your pet’s needs appositely. This is quite a convenient way of shopping as you do not have to go about from one store to the other hunting for essential pet items.

Once you visit the online store you would find an array of pet grooming supplies like grooming clippers. This will help you manage the hair of the pets in the best possible way. Other things include pet hair care products like perfumes, soaps, and shampoos. Thus with these online pet supplies, you can take complete care of your pet and make the creature look so fresh and decent.

Pet health is an important factor to consider. It is your utmost responsibility to look after the health of the pet you have at home. For any form of pet, it is all the more necessary to arrange for a hygiene bath which includes cleaning, brushing, combing, and taking notice of the cleanliness of several parts of the body. The ears, paws, and teeth of the animal should be clean along with the inner side of the tongue and nails. You must keep the skin of the animal-free from fleas and insects and for this, you must have regular interaction with a professional veterinary. Remember, regular grooming sessions are required if you indeed want to keep your pet clean and safe.

Taking care of the pet is absolutely necessary for maintaining pet health and avoiding pet diseases. For this, you need to give special attention to the pet. You need to handle the creature with extreme care and attention. Proper grooming, proper feeding, and even proper amount of sleep, all are required to make the pet stay in a healthy condition for several years to come.

Going for pet insurance is equally important and it is an essential part of the overall pet care system. If you feel that your pet is a part of the family, you must go for pet insurance at once. You would find several companies providing apposite insurance coverages for your beloved pet. You may require a sudden amount of cash in taking care of your pet. This is mainly for several pet health purposes. However, apt pet insurance can save you from the crisis, and thus you can meet up with the expenses then and there.

Cyclosporine for Dogs: Uses, Precautions and Side Effects

Cyclosporine is an immunodepressant drug that is used for both humans and animals. In dogs, Cyclosporine is used mostly to treat atopic dermatitis or atopy, which is a type of eczema or a skin condition caused by your dog reacting to allergens. Humans usually react to allergens with sneezing, coughing and watery eyes. Dogs, on the other hand, react to allergens with itching and swollen skin, rashes, constant licking of snout or paws and, of course, scratching. The danger is that allergies in dogs can rapidly lead to worse conditions. Cyclosporine, most recently released under the brand name “Atopica” by Novartis, is the latest drug recommended for canine atopy.

The most common indication for Cyclosporine is atopic dermatitis. However, it is also used to treat perineal fistulas, immune-mediated hemolytic anemia, Keratoconjuctivitis sicca, more commonly known as “dry eye”, and Discoid lupus erythemathosus , which is also a skin condition in dogs. It is also used to treat asthma in cats.

It targets specific immune cells that react to allergens, thereby causing the allergic reaction. Cyclosporine restrains these cells thereby reducing the response to the allergens.

How is Cyclosporine administered and what is the dose?

Cyclosporine is available in 10, 25, 50 and 100 mg soft gelatin capsules. The therapeutic dose is 5 mg/kg once daily for a month. Vets recommend building up to the therapeutic dose. Cyclosporine is most effective when taken on an empty stomach, either 1 hour before or 2 hours after a meal. In the event a dose is missed, continue the next day; you must never give Cyclosporine for dogs more than once a day.

Precautions to consider when your dog is taking Cyclosporine

Cyclosporine should only be given to dogs that weigh at least 4 lbs, and are over 6 months old. It should not be given to breeding dogs, pregnant or lactating dogs or dogs that have been diagnosed with malignant neoplasia, which is another way of saying cancer. If your dog is taking Cyclosporine he cannot be vaccinated using a live vaccine as there is a high risk of him developing an infection caused by the active microorganism in the vaccine. If he absolutely has to be vaccinated, ask your vet about the suitability of a killed vaccine.

The most common side effects associated with the use of Cyclosporine for dogs are gastrointestinal in nature. They include diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, anorexia, and the like, especially within the first few weeks of drug use. These side effects are usually transient and your dog will adjust after a while, but there are drugs like Metoclopramide that minimize some of the effects, like nausea and vomiting. You must be sure to keep your dog well hydrated if he is experiencing diarrhea and vomiting, as he will be losing a lot of fluids. Hence, when buying products for your dog, his or her safety should always be considered. This is why it is advisable to rely only on websites and online stores that have been proven already by a lot of customers. One of them is https://www.sfweekly.com/.

Field studies carried out by the manufacturer show that Cyclosporine use also has an effect on the levels of some enzymes, and this will be reflected in your dog’s blood work. In addition, dogs taking Cyclosporine are prone to Urinary Tract Infections, but whether this is due to the atopic dermatitis or to the drug has not been established so far.

After the Pet Food Recalls, What Can You Feed Your Pets to Keep Them Healthy?

The death of a pet can be one of the worst experiences in a person’s life. After all, pets quickly endear themselves to us. They become like family members… only, in a way, better than human family members! When you come home from work, your dog is always happy to see you. She’ll jump up on you, lick you, and make happy noises.

She will not complain that you are late, or tell you that you haven’t helped out around the house enough, or scowl at you when the dinner you give her is the same thing you gave her the night before. Your cat will curl up with you to watch TV, and never ask you to change the channel, or wonder why you don’t take him to exciting places more often, or scream in your face when you don’t give him permission to go to a party. Pets are just happy to have your company. No wonder we treasure them so much!

When a pet passes away, many people think they will never be ready to have another pet. They don’t want some random dog to replace the one who they lost. They want their dog! After all, if a family member dies, you don’t go to the store and buy a new uncle or cousin, do you?

When my beloved Chopper passed away, though, I felt the opposite way. There was something missing in the house. Something huge. I had a cat, but there was still an empty gap in my life. Even my cat seemed to feel it! He moped around, looking for his long lost friend.

At the time I lived with my parents. The chopper had been our dog, my childhood pet. Without her, I felt lost! I begged my parents to let me get another dog. I felt that only a dog, with its special canine energy, would help get rid of the sadness in the house.

My parents were against it, though. They brought up the old argument of not being able to replace a family member.

Of course, I didn’t want to replace Chopper! No dog could replace that special dog who had been my best friend for the past thirteen years. Still, I ached for the company of a dog. It was so weird to come home every day and not see a dog tearing through the kitchen to greet me. (My cat greeted me in his own way, but it was different.) On quiet mornings, I would think I heard the pitter-patter of four dog paws clicking across the floor, and I would turn to greet Chopper… only to realize, she was not there. Home didn’t seem like home!

My mom’s boss was a lady who was one of the head volunteers for a pet rescue organization. The organization took dogs and cats from high kill shelters, placed them in foster homes to be cared for and rehabilitated, and found permanent homes for them. They were always in need of new foster homes. My mom’s boss tried to convince her to take on a dog as a foster pet. It would not be for long. There were adoption shows every Saturday, and the chances were, a foster dog would only be with us for a week before finding a “forever” home. The woman emailed my mom with pictures of dogs with sad eyes, dogs who had been rescued from upcoming euthanasia, and needed places to stay.

Finally, my mom agreed to try it. She and I went on a Tuesday evening to pick up a dog. I was overjoyed! My mom explained to me that it would only be for a week. But even a week with a dog in the house would be wonderful, I figured. Besides, if we fostered one, my mom could probably be convinced to foster another after that, and another. We would be able to help so many dogs!

She was a skinny, scruffy nine-month-old dog. My mom’s boss told us she’d been found in the woods, somewhere in southern Illinois. Even though she was really just a puppy herself, she’d had a litter of puppies with her. The puppies had found homes quickly, but Trixie had outstayed her welcome at the high kill shelter she’d been taken to. If the organization hadn’t rescued her, she would have been put to sleep within days!

Trixie was dirty and stinky. In the pound, she’d gotten minimal care. She had a horrible skin condition that made her wince if we scratched her or petted her too hard. She cuddled with us anyway, happy for the attention! She had a severe ear infection, too. When we took her for a vet visit, the vet said that she could probably hear very little, because the infection was that bad. He gave us medicine to pour into her ear canal several times a day along with that we researched online on https://herb.co for a special diet for her treatment. Trixie hated that medicine, but she took it like a trooper. She’d sit quietly, looking at us forlornly, as we administered the medicine. As her ear infection cleared up, her hearing returned, and she seemed happier.

She made herself at home in our house. Every day when we came home, she greeted the members of my household as if she’d known us her whole life. She would run to greet us, jump on us, lick us, roll around on the ground and beg for belly rubs. “You’re home, hello, I’m so happy to belong with you!” she seemed to say.

In those first few days, Trixie endeared herself to my family. The adoption show was coming up… but how could we send her away? Every day I pointed out to my mom all of the reasons why Trixie should be allowed to stay permanently. To my relief, my dad was on my side. He loved Trixie already, too! By that Saturday, my dad and I had convinced my mom that we needed to adopt Trixie.

The rescue organization called us “foster failures”… a teasing title for people like us who started out fostering a pet and ended up keeping it. We didn’t care! We had Trixie now, and she had us.

I still miss Chopper. A lot. I cannot see a picture of her without getting that familiar, sinking feeling in the bottom of my stomach. And then Trixie comes up and licks my hand, and I feel better. She’s not Chopper’s replacement. She’s a completely different dog. But she has taken so much of the emptiness away.

When people tell me they will never get another pet, I try to explain this to them. A new pet is not a replacement for an old pet. It is just an additional pet to love, and a way of continuing the special relationship between humans and animals.

Train Your Dog To Fetch

Some dogs seem to be natural born “fetchers” while other dogs love to chase the ball but hate to bring it back. A lot of the issues in teaching a dog to fetch have to dog with your dog’s natural instincts and any specific breeding that may have gone into your dog. Some breeds, especially sporting dogs are natural fetching dogs that will almost teach themselves. Terriers are much more challenging to teach to fetch as they tend to be very protective and possessive of their toys and don’t like to turn them over once they run them down. Some dogs have no inclination to chase or retrieve, so these dogs may need additional training to get the concept of “fetch”. Generally most dogs will chase something that is thrown or rolled. Start working with a puppy with this concept. Roll a ball and let them chase it. Never chase the dog or puppy for an object until after the lessons of fetch have been learned or the dog will think you want to chase, not to have him or her bring it back to you. In addition to just rolling or gently tossing objects for the puppy to chase, also make a point of handling the puppy toys while the puppy is playing, then immediately returning it to the dog.

This allows the puppy to understand that you will touch their stuff, but they will always get it back. If you take away something they are not supposed to be chewing on, be sure to replace it with something that they can. Once the puppy or dog is ready for retrieval training use the following steps:

  • Have two objects that your dog loves to play with. Start encouraging your dog to play with tennis balls or Kong toys to get them used to having them in their mouth.
  • Bring your dog out to the yard or training area and have them sit beside you. Show the dog one of the toys or balls.
  • Keep one ball or toy out of sight and throw the other a very short distance so the dog can easily see where it lands. An underhand toss is often a good way to start.
  • When the dog naturally goes to the object say, “Fetch” and then call the dog when he or she takes the toy in his or her mouth.
  • When the dog approaches you pull out the other toy and say “Give” or “Release”. The dog will naturally drop the one toy and take the one that you have. Praise the dog and repeat the process.
  • Some dogs respond better to a treat provided when they return. As they eat the treat simply pick up the item and get ready to play again.
  • If the dog does not seem to want to return repeat the process with the dog on a long or retractable leash that you can provide guidance to return. Avoid pulling or jerking the object out of the dog’s mouth or holding it up high and having the dog jump up for the object. Only repeat the throw when the dog is calm and sitting beside you, not if it is madly jumping up in the air around you. Be sure to watch your dog’s interest level to know when enough is enough. Three or four fetches a training session is usually enough for a puppy, whereas some older dogs are happy to fetch as long as you are willing to throw.

To motivate your dog and to give him or her heathy body, make sure to provide everything they need. For more information on how you can keep your pet happy, you can visit this site: https://www.labroots.com/trending/cannabis-sciences/18078/cbd-helps-dogs-osteoarthritis-stay-active. Always keep in mind that a healthy pet is easier to train.