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What Clip In Head Of Human Curly Hair Extensions

Head of hair plug-ins usually are a sensible way to transform the fashion, quantity as well as duration of your hair without needing to hang on quite a while for your organic curly hair growing.

Extensions are usually put into the wearer’s organic curly hair correspond his or her present curly hair, although altering his or her fashion by having additional quantity as well as time-span. There are numerous unique variations of plug-ins available, although clip-in plug-ins usually are swiftly growing to be probably the most typical varieties of curly hair expansion available on the market nowadays!

 Clip-in plug-ins usually are an ideal choice those of you that don’t have the necessary time as well as the somewhat wide range of income which usually is usually acquire connection plug-ins. Binding plug-ins will take hrs to work, and in some cases, it could sometimes demand several trip to the beauty salon before the expansion procedure will be last but not least accomplished, although clip-in plug-ins could be executed a great deal more swiftly. Although lots of people want to get his or her clip-in plug-ins place in by way of skilled stylist for a beauty salon, (claiming that they acquire superior results), it is in reality achievable to acquire clip-in plug-ins as well as placed them in on your own at your home, with no aid from an experienced.

It is actually safer to help to make the clip-in plug-ins seem additional organic whenever they they fit seeing that near the head as it can be, which is among the reasons why these people seem greater in the event they have been place in by way of stylist or perhaps a watchful pal, rather than becoming performed on your own. Along with the straight hair, the extension cheveux wigs are available for the curly hairs. The purchase of the wigs is made as per the requirement within the budget prepared. The style should be unique and different. 

Clip-in plug-ins can be purchased in a lot of unique costs stages, which usually are likely to reveal the numerous good quality on the plug-ins themselves. Synthetic plug-ins can be obtained, as well as types that are 100 % human curly hair. Human curly hair plug-ins can appear and feel additional organic, and will therefore typically mix into the users unique curly hair greater, however they may be a great deal more high priced compared to the man-made solutions.

A lot of people may also be focused on precisely how honourable genuinely human curly hair plug-ins usually are, however when you purchase your plug-ins coming from a reputable beauty parlor, they should just employ ethically taken human curly hair. If you opt to purchase cheap man-made plug-ins, you need to take great care while hair styling them, due to the fact a few of these plug-ins will not be designed for employ using sizzling straightening as well as straightening irons, and they may possibly behave negatively on the excessive warm.

Clip-in plug-ins usually are great when you just would like to briefly give your hair more time-span as well as quantity, given that they can simply be put in, obtained, then placed last once again.

Should you figure out how to remove them as well as placed them last once again with no the help of a new stylist, then they can be an incredible method to transform your lifestyle repeatedly. Nonetheless, if you want a far more everlasting transform involving fashion, and do not want to put clip-in plug-ins in repeatedly, then you should think of buying a unique style of curly hair expansion.

What can I do to help legalize marijuana?

This is where certain places would be licensed to sell marijuana like liquor stores. This frees up funds, police force, jail space, and generates tax revenue. It also tends to increase the number of marijuana users. Holland legalized marijuana in 1984 and the number of users went from 15 percent of 18-20 year olds to 33 percent in 1992. However, this increase in marijuana users has not caused an increase in heroin users. Also since they legalized marijuana a smaller fraction of users go on to use cocaine or heroin than the fraction of those in the United States10.

Areas we must work on as a community:

1) We need to get the Federal government to pass a law giving the right for states to make their own legislation for medical marijuana – George W. Bush supports this initiative11

2) We need to force the Drug Enforcement Agency to comply with the Health and Human Services data and reclassify marijuana as a Schedule II drug (means marijuana does have some medicinal value)7

3) We need to spread the word to friends and neighbors that marijuana is not evil, that marijuana prohibition is not effective even when we continue to double the monetary effort every 6 years, and that the vast majority of the 700,000 citizens arrested a year are otherwise non-criminals that do not deserve to be political prisoners of a drug war. No legislation will ever be considered until we convince at least half of America that marijuana is not as evil as they were taught when they were younger.

Things that you can do to help bring about those changes:

1) Write letters to your representatives and newspapers – 69 out of 70 marijuana arrests are made at the state or municipal level, so focus on those representatives more than Federal ones. This is a very important step; politicians only know what their constituents feel like if they make their opinions heard. Don’t lose faith in the system (ever); learn to take advantage of the system and play by its rules. Refer to things you find on this site, or other reputable sources like the two books I mentioned, Lindesmith (see below), or mainstream periodicals.

2) Keep track of the marijuana news – There are a lot of websites that provide regularly updated news, but for the most reliable source of unbiased information on what is going on in drug research and politics you need to visit the Lindesmith Center. This non-profit organization is like a think tank for drug legislation. They have been building an extensive library that houses research and reports covering everything drug related. I use online libraries of newspaper and magazine articles as my fact-finding source, but I will have to eventually tap into the Lindesmith’s resources to continue to provide higher quality topics. Besides their library, they keep you up to date on current events on their home page.

3) Don’t be afraid to discuss marijuana policy to friends and neighbors, keep the topic alive. These are the people that are going to help reach the 50+ percent people necessary to create change. Don’t act like marijuana is the best thing ever though, it has negative traits, and if you act like it doesn’t you are weakening your argument. Formulate an argument that shows that the effects of marijuana prohibition are much worse than the usage of marijuana. Be open minded and very respectful of others opinions.

4) Become a financial supporter of some of the fine organizations that are very organized and effective. It takes money to get the message out, and there are a few organizations that are experienced at what must be done politically to make change, but they need help to get the message out. Not only will it help them, but they will regularly mail you information on what else you can do to help in your community. Here are some of the more reputable organizations:

Marijuana Policy Project –

Probably the most active and most respectable outfit, MPP find their way into the media’s stories consistently. There focus is in trying to change Federal law, which is not the easiest strategy, but it gets the most attention. They are currently focusing on medicinal marijuana, fighting bills that further prohibition federally, reforming federal sentence guidelines for marijuana cultivation, and trying to be heard in the media. For a $50 donation (or a $5 a month donation) not only do you receive a quarterly newsletter, but you receive the very best book on marijuana prohibition, Marijuana Myths, Marijuana Facts. This book can be found for cheaper, but it is well worth much more. It was put together by the people at Lindesmith Center and can help you win just about any argument. The consumption of high quality cbd to help with depression is prescribed through the experts. The dosage is provided as per the reaction with the body. The conclusion of the arguments is that the people should consume legal Cbd to get the potential benefits. The cost of the oil and products should be cheap for being purchased. 


This organization is one of the oldest, and it use to be very effective at bringing change. I think they are just now beginning to rebound from Reagan’s war on drugs. Their strong point is there network of activists nationwide. If you want to become an activist, you need to find a NORML group in your area and meet with them. They could use some money too, and for $25 you will get 2 quarterly newsletters. For another $10 they will give you a T-shirt as well. You can also fax your congressman for free from their web site.

Drug Policy Forum –

The focus here is on public education, and building an advocacy network to monitor laws and send out alerts when action is needed. You can decide if your $35 donation will go towards public education and research, or lobbying and political activism. You can also sign up for activism alerts and a monthly newsletter online.

Drug Sense –

This is another organization that works to inform the media about marijuana prohibition. Their main project is called the Media Awareness Project, but all the information they collect on marijuana research can also be emailed to you on a regular basis by choosing one of their subscription lists. Give them $10 a quarter and receive Mike Gray’s Drug Crazy, the second best book on marijuana prohibition.

Families Against Mandatory Minimums –

This organization is narrower in scope, it works to eliminate mandatory minimum prison punishments that take power away from a judge to decide what a criminal deserves based on his/her situation. A $25 donation would make you a member.

Mario Batali Pizza Set – How it is an essential kitchen appliance?

If you enjoy making homemade pizzas with your family you might like to get the “Mario Batali Pizza Set.” It contains great cookware to help make and create a homemade delicious pizza right in your own home perfectly. The Mario Batali Pizza Set even is restaurant quality cookware so you can be certain it will last you a long time without pieces breaking and falling apart on you.

Inside the Mario Batali Pizza Set you get eleven pieces of cookware. Those eleven pieces are measuring spoons, a pizza cutter, a pizza stone, mozeralla cheese shredder, a scraper, measuring bowls, a rolling pin, pizza peel, a garlic slicer, and a work mat. All these items are made with heavy duty plastics, stones, and steels. All the pizza cookware in the Mario Batali Pizza kit are built strong and to last you a very long time. All the items in the Mario Batali Pizza Set are dishwasher safe, but it is probably best to hand washing them in your kitchen sink with some warm water and soap to get them cleaned safely.

The Mario Batali Pizza Set can be bought online at Kitchen Ect for around $170.00, which is a lot cheaper then buying all these pizza cookware items separately. Some other online stores you can purchase the Mario Batali Pizza Set is,, and and these websites have all the same price range. If your looking for a discounted Mario Batali Pizza Set you should check out Ebay,, and they sometimes carry the pizza set for fifty to sixty dollars less, but not always. 

Those of you who are wondering if the Mario Batali Pizza Set is worth buying I will tell you it is and it helps me create my own homemade pizza correctly with all the proper cookware. Other people who have bought the Mario Batali Pizza Set end up liking the set as well because they can use the cookware that comes in the pizza set for other baking uses as well, which is another plus. A person I know even used the Mario Batali Pizza Set to make a candy cookie pizza with her kids one day when they were having a snow day and even said the pizza set cleaned up very easily after they had used the cookware for creating a pizza or a batch of cookies. The purchasing of the pizza set should be done from homedesignx site under affordable rates. The cleaning and maintenance of the product is simple and easy for the purchasers. There is no requirement to clean the appliance daily otherwise taste of the food is reduced. 

Anyone who is interested in purchasing but would like some more information of the set before you got out and purchase it can check out the websites I have attached to this article. I would recommend the Mario Batali Pizza Set to anyone who enjoys making homemade pizzas or even candy cookie pizzas because it has all the cookware you need in it and is worth every penny you spend on it because it truly does hold up well. Those of you who do end up getting the Mario Batali Pizza Set I hope it helps you create a perfect pizza for you and your family to enjoy for lunch or dinner. I know it worked for my friends and I.

Astrology Software : Starlight Solutions

The Starlight Solutions is my favorite forecast report because it focuses on solutions. I believe that great advice on how to make the best of an upcoming transit is more important than an accurate prediction of what will happen. Starlight Solutions puts more focus on how to best deal with transits than any other forecast report. If you are more interested on accuracy of prediction, I recommend one of the forecast reports that integrates houses and progressions in the report.

Starlight Solutions is a second generation forecast report. Gina Ronco wrote the Basic and Advanced forecast reports for Kepler many years ago. Years of working as a consulting astrologers have given Gina a better idea of just what clients want and need in a forecast report.

The Starlight Solutions report presents a sorted list according to the date the transit peaks. It also lists the dates when the influences begin and end. It gives the classic one-paragraph delineations for minor transits, but goes into great detail on major transits.

Major transits are presented in four sections.

The report does not list or interpret progressions or houses. To see a table comparing the delineation styles of each of the forecast reports, click here.

• Choice between with or without birth time

• Years, months or days covered by the report

The email option can be quite useful.

For help on choosing among the forecast reports, click here.

To run the Starlight Solutions report one must have a copy of Kepler charting software or Pegasus. Pegasus is Cosmic Patterns’ budget charting and report program. Kepler and Pegasus make the wheels and calculate the astrological data used by the report. This software is as reliable as They are considered as one of the best software for astrology. Hence, if you are looking for the right solutions brought by a reputable astrology software, then this tool is the right for you.

Kepler also includes an additional 220 megabytes of graphics and sound files which can be left on the CD, or optionally may be installed on the hard drive. Speakers are not required but are recommended.

Pegasus can print natal wheels and lists of transits and progressions but it can not do bi-wheels, tri-wheels, midpoints, harmonics, mapping and a host of other goodies found in the Kepler program. It’s atlas is also limited to 2-3 major cities for US state and non-US country. You can upgrade to Kepler from Pegasus and any time for $199. 

Can We Help?

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The Importance of Hiring Professional House Cleaning Services

Save a lot of Money

If you think that hiring a professional house cleaning services can cost you a lot of money so you will just clean it yourself, you may be wrong. Basically, when cleaning the house, there are some items that you need to buy in the process but you will realize that they will all be useless afterwards. Hence, hiring a cleaning service provider can help you save a lot of money. Since they have all the tools and equipment to effectively clean your house, you no longer have to invest in these materials.

Save a lot of Time

Another benefits if hiring professional house cleaning services is that it will help you save a lot of time. Admittedly, cleaning a house is not an easy task. You have to spend a couple of hours just to make sure that every corner and area of your house is clean. This will consume you a lot of time. But if you hire a professional to clean your house, you can use your time in more product things and you can spend some quality time with your family.

Less Insurance issues

If you are renting a home, you have to be aware that most of the landlords today get their properly completely insured . Hence, if you make a mistake when cleaning the house, you might be paying the landlord some huge amount of money. But if you hire a professional cleaning service instead, you can assure that they are well aware of such possibilities and that they have the right and proper training in cleaning the house. But if your cleaning service provider makes a mistake, they will be the one responsible for the damage. Hence, there is no burden on your side. 

Attract New Customer

But if you are the landlord, there is also an advantage of hiring cleaning services on your side. Ideally, when customers see that your properly is clean and well maintained, there is a high possibility that they will consider you house. One of the major factors that lessee consider when renting a property is its cleanliness and safety. So if you want to stay competitive in the field of property renting, then it is advisable to consider hiring a professional cleanings service provider. Your preferred choice in apartment cleaning should also depend on some factors.

Increase productivity. 

Last but not the least, hiring a professional house cleaning service provider is that it increases your productivity. Sometimes, the idea of not thinking about the cleaning responsibility helps you to focus on more important things. Increased productivity allows you to pay attention t bigger goals and the things that you want to accomplish in life. Hence, when you’re able to get rid of distraction by hiring a professional cleaning service who has the skills, materials dn experience in dealing with the mess in your house, then you can certainly accomplish more things and you can fully utilize your time efficiently.

Cheap Travel Tips for Summer Study Abroad Students in Germany

Many study abroad students are on a budget – there’s no escaping that fact. If yuou’ve made the committment to study abroad for your summer, then chances are you’re fully aware of the risk and financial dedication you need to put towards your trip over the few weeks or months that you’re studying abroad.

Yet many students manage to get by traveling abroad on a very tight shoestring budget. After researching their methods and madness, we’ve assembled a list of some tips they have for maximizing the return on your study abroad investment.

  • Studying abroad in the summer seems to be the most cost-effective method of study abroad. Because your program is shorter, you will not be required to pay exorbitant fees for class credits or costs. Summer study abroad programs tend to run between 4-6 weeks, leaving ample opportunity for you to continue your travels until your funds run out.
  • When you study abroad, especially in the summer time when travel destinations are notorious for cranking up their merchandise prices in order to accommodate deep-pocket travelers, it is important to keep a sharp eye on your finances. Shop for items such as groceries off the beaten path where the locals tend to shop. Sometimes, getting outside of the city to purchase groceries proves to be far more profitable than even the best sales at the local grocery mart.
  • Dine in. Many study abroad students are coached in the art of minimizing spending by spending an evening dining in frequently. Summer is a time when restaurants are particularly alluring to the culture-seeking study abroad student as cafes set out their chairs in sunny spots and bars open up the patio. Set a budget (ideally prior to the trip when money is a matter of optimism) and do your very best to stick to that budget throughout the trip. Sticking to the budget will help the study abroad student refrain from calling their parents and asking them to send more funding for your summer vacation…AKA summer study abroad.
  • When traveling, forgo hotels and opt for hostels. Hostels are about $25 a night, and many times include a continental breakfast and entertainment. Some of the best hostels in Europe include three Ducks in Paris and Balmers in Interlaken. These hostels are famous for their knowledge of the region, helpful staff and highly outrageous nightlife.

The most important thing to keep in mind during your study abroad summer program is that your financial investment will return memories to last a lifetime. While it’s important to be cautious of spending, really, how often will you have the opportunity to repeat this experience. While we do not condone financial recklessness, we do encourage you to spend every ounce of money you budgeted. You won’t regret it!

Travel plans are difficult to work out as you have to take the opinion of the entire family and everyone is going to have their own choices based on preference which is why it takes a lot of time for planning travel trips even though you have websites like at your disposal to work things out.

Key Elements in Webdesign to Attract More Visitors

Any business in the world, over the Internet or elsewhere has its profit figures directly proportional to the amount of visitors. If it is a website, we call it visitor traffic. These days, there are numerous websites available and hence lot of competition. It has become quite challenging to get the attention of the visitor, and keep it there.

A good website design can be very helpful not only in attracting and keeping the visitors to the website, but also to bring them back for more.

If the visitor gets annoyed with the look and feel of the website, he may never come back. Here is a collection of some guidelines which, if followed can increase the traffic on your website.

The message to be conveyed should not be complicated, but yet be effective. Presentation does matter.

The content of the website should not be fluffy; it should be informative and to-the-point. Filling up your website with lot of text is not a good idea. Most visitors will not spend more than a few seconds to decide whether the website is useful or not. Make it easy for the busy visitor to get information from your website. Tiny fonts and multiple versions of websites also annoy most visitors. So avoid them if possible. To give you some insight and ideas on what a reliable and quality website should look like, you can get tips from website design company in Mumbai. This will help you to have an overview on what you should add and what you should remove from your website.

Having too many registration forms also turn-off the visitors. Focus on what you offer and not on the details of the visitor. Of course, visitor information is necessary; both for you to run your business better and for customer service and interaction. The idea is not to focus on it. Sending unsolicited emails, updates and newsletters could have been a good marketing strategy till now. But currently, it irritates the visitors more than anything else. It is better to keep these things optional rather than forcing the visitor to leave back his or her email id.

The CSS and URLs that you use over HTML tables should be simple.

It makes it easier for the visitor to determine the intention of the URL if it is based on a key word and is simple. Searching becomes easier for the visitor if this is followed. Also, CSS helps the visitor to scroll faster. Make sure that the links are connected to the URLs properly.

There is an option of using anchor text that tells the user the exact path of navigation. Make sure, the link is known to the user. This makes you credible in the eyes of the visitor. The links should be visible and once clicked, should also change color.

HIV Treatment Study in Haiti Reveals Benefits of Early Treatment

As Haiti continues to grapple with the aftermath of the Port-au-Prince earthquake, much of the news media has focused on other stories as the acuity of the crisis has passed. However, before the earthquake, Haiti had attracted a large amount of attention from health care professionals who hoped to make a difference in the lives of poor Haitians with medical conditions. The relatively high prevalence rate of HIV in Haiti also presents an opportunity to study how HIV/AIDS treatment could be brought to a resource poor nation.

Although the population of Haiti is only 10 million, the lessons learned there could inform public health researchers about the possible pitfalls of treating HIV positive patients in a resource poor setting.

Recently, a study published in the New England Journal of medicine looked at looked at the clinical effects of giving HIV positive patients, who have the CD4 count above 200 and below 350, antiretroviral medication. Normally, HIV positive patients in Haiti would only receive antiretroviral medication have they develop the symptoms of AIDS or had a CD4 count less than 200. However, the HIV patients with a CD4 count between 200 and 350 have active viral replication which suppresses their CD4 count below the normal range of 500 to 1500.

The study was completed between 2005 and 2008, and thus was not affected by the recent earthquake. Previous studies had hinted that earlier initiation of antiretroviral therapy in HIV/AIDS patients would allow them to live longer. This is because it is now believed that HIV may begin damaging the human body from the first week of infection, and that the earlier treatment is initiated then the earlier the virus can be suppressed to low levels.

The results of this study showed that the early initiation of antiretroviral treatment in HIVAIDS patients with a CD four count between 200 and 350 in Haiti reduced deaths by 75% and reduce the incidence of tuberculosis by 50%. This finding is important as it shows that earlier initiation of treatment for HIV patients decreases mortality as well as prevents cases of tuberculosis. Worldwide, it is believed that increasing prevalence of HIV infection is a factor which pushes up the number of tuberculosis cases reported each year. This is because immune suppressed patients, such as those who are HIV positive, are more likely to become infected with tuberculosis.

In addition, the findings may indicate that the initiation of early treatment in resource for setting such as Haiti, where malnutrition and chronic infectious diseases are common, maybe even more effective than in more developed countries.

What will this mean for the treatment of HIV/AIDS patients?

Some infectious disease specialists in the United States are now recommending that their patients began antiretroviral treatment as soon as they learn that they are HIV positive. Although this is not universally recommended, this present study in Haiti will encourage earlier treatment for HIV positive patients, especially in developing countries.

However, a big question will be whether or not the Obama administration, and other donor parties, will step up to provide the funds they would be required to treat more HIV positive patients. Whether or not this happens, the best standard of care for HIV positive patients in resource settings with CD4 counts between 200 and 350 appears to be the initiation of antiretroviral therapy.

HIV Cure

What kinda world do we live in? You dont know? Well let me tell you, we live in a world where doctors and scientist do research and studies to find cures for disease.And i find out today that doctors have made a shockin break thru they have cured a man of AIDS and this man has been cured for almost 2years. Now lets look at the other side………… this man not to sound racist but he was a white man meaning that doctors and scientist and are walkin around with cures in their back pockets and theafrican americans dont mean anything.I bet your wondering why i am mad well I’m not mad? I’M HURT….. why? Because i had to lose my little brother to that disease a year ago meaning that all the while they are out there curing whites, asian, koreans and hispanics my little brother had to die. Im sittin here tryin my best to understand what, what is it that he did so bad that the doctors that called themselves caring for him could not give him this so called cure? And i would still have my brother.Why am i sittin here hurting while another family is happy and satisfied? I’ll never talk to him again,I’ll never get to tell him to his face that i love him again I’ll never get to hug my baby brother again.All I wanna know is what kinda world do we live in that they could be so cruel all I want all i have wanted for a year now is for my little brother to call me one more time and say to me “Hey sis what chu doin?” “When you get your place can i come live with you”? and I tell him “And you know you can” with no hesitation.All i want is to be able to go to my moms house one more time and he and i can be in seperate rooms and still laugh at the same dumb stuff.These fakes these phonies stole my brother’s life from me they stole his smile his joy his happiness.I cant believe i live in such a cruel world.

A world where the single out some and help and satisfy others, I never ask for much but that is one thing in this world that i would give until this very day I would give just about anything to have my little brother in my arms one more time. I want to laugh with him again I want to be able to tell him all my problems and have him help me give me advise, I used to always say he was you ng but wise Its 2009 world and he died July 13th 2007 and I still…..still cry for him sometimes…

I miss you Alan Art Morton IIINovember 5th 1988-July 13th 2007

HIV Cocktail Therapy Includes Crixivan

For adults who live with the health complications associated with HIV, the variety of treatment options can be quite overwhelming. With many medications and treatment options offered by your healthcare team, it is easy to become confused in what HIV treatments should be used and at what time in the progression of your immunodeficiency disorder.

If you have been diagnosed with HIV, it is important to speak with your healthcare professional about the treatment options available, including the use of medications that can slow the progression of the HIV virus. Using an FDA approved medication in the right combination and at the right time, many complications associated with HIV can be slowed in progression.

An FDA approved drug known as Crixivan may provide some therapeutic benefit in your management of HIV. Manufactured by Merck  amp; Co., adults who have been diagnosed with HIV are finding significant improvements in their health status, with a healthier management over the virus that causes AIDS.

While there are many medications available on the market today, as an HIV patient it is important to know what prescription drugs are beneficial to your overall health, specifically those that work as a monotherapy and those that work as cocktail drugs. If your physician feels Crixivan is the best option for the management of your HIV infection, the dosing will usually be recommended as a cocktail drug. This is to say, the use of Crixivan is often mixed with other therapeutic agents. Dosing is generally recommended as 800 milligrams, every eight hours. As a benefit to you, that dosing of 800 milligrams is generally provided in two-400 milligram capsules.

For optimal health outcomes, the use of Crixivan should occur within one to two hours of meal consumption. Ideally, the dosing should be administered with a light meal and fluids ranging from water to tea, coffee or milk. If you take Crixivan with a high calorie meal, you are at-risk for reduced effectiveness.

For HIV patients with a pre-existing history of diabetes mellitus, the use of Crixivan, in managing your HIV infection, many not be indicated. In addition, Crixivan has been associated with the development of new cases of diabetes mellitus. As a result, your physician should carefully manage your diet, exercise and blood glucose levels while using this therapy for your HIV infection.

If you suffer from complications involving kidney function or complications of the genitalia while using Crixivan, this may be indicative of an allergic reaction for which immediate medical attention is required. In addition, anemia is quite common while using Crixivan and, as a result, should be carefully managed while on the daily HIV therapy.

As with any form of treatment involving HIV therapy, it is important to speak with your healthcare professional regarding treatment options and how best to manage and slow the progression of the virus. In the case of HIV, ask your physician about the cocktail dosing of Crixivan as another effective form of therapy for HIV patients.