CBD these days is a part of many products these days, ranging from creams, lotions, to oils to tinctures and edibles. In humans, CBD is proven to be effective in treating various issues like pain, inflammation, acne, heart issues, etc. A lot of deeper research is taking place across the globe to find better results. Other than the human benefits, CBD is showing effects on pets too. There are many CBD oils and other fancy products that are seen in the pet stores these days. Also, according to this website, CBD products on pets are safe and can be actually helpful as well. Here are some questions that are quite commonly asked by the pet owners.

  • Is CBD safe for pets?

The simple answer is yes! But, the secret is to find the right product and from a good manufacturer and store. Higher amounts of THC and marijuana can be harmful to the pets and can concern the pet owners right away.  

Good CBD oil for pets is made with cannabis which is different from the cannabis that is used for humans. Also, the THC levels in oils for pets are low, which reduces the threat to almost nil.

  • What is the amount that can be given to the pets?

This question can be answered by only one person and that is; the vet. Every pet has different health issues and conditions. One dosage cannot be used for all the pets out there. The vet will diagnose the issue and then will prescribe the right amount of CBD to the pet.  

Always remember, to get a vet’s consultation before giving the pet any type of CBD oil for sale. Too much can harm them and too little will not show any results.

  • What are the general benefits that pets can have from CBD products?

Another very popular question that is asked daily by the pet owners is; what are the general benefits that one may see in their pets after using CBD products? The CBD on animals works just like the way it works on humans, by regulating the endocannabinoid system. 

Some of the major benefits seen in pets are:

  • It helps in reducing pain and inflammation.
  • It can help to treat sleep disorders in pets.
  • It can help in bettering the mobility of the pets who are suffering from osteoarthritis.
  • It can help in treating skin issues like atopic dermatitis.
  • For those who suffer from anxiety and phobias, CBD can help make them feel more relaxed.
  • Can help in reducing post-cancer issues. 
  • What are the possible drug interactions of CBD products?

When it comes to drug interaction of CBD with other medication on pets is still raging research levels. It is known that CBD can help in increasing and complementing the effects of some of many drugs and medications like:

  • Anti-seizure medications
  • Anti-tumor medications
  • Pain killers

On the other hand, there are certain drugs with which if the CBD is given, then it can lower the former drug effect thus acting negatively.

CBD products are becoming popular over time and one can find them at many pet stores. Many vets are slowly giving the nod to these products while some are still reluctant. As positive research results are showing up, one can say that CBD products are actually helpful. But, one should not proceed without the guidance of a vet and experts.


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