Exposing The Quick Weight Loss Myth

Indeed, I know how to get you to drop quite a few pounds in a week or two. I know how to excite you with almost immediate “results” and “market talk” so you’ll follow me like a hungry puppy and brag to others about how effective my methods have been.

But exactly what kinds of pounds would you lose if I promoted that approach?

When you are purchasing Nootropics supplements, there is a need to check the ratings and reviews of the supplements. The spending of the money should be from the budget of the people so that there is no wastage of money. The selection of the right pills will become easy and simple. 

I’ll tell you what kind of pounds: a lot of water, some intestinal sludge, a little bit of fat, an equal amount of muscle, and some live bone tissue.

Hello! Do you see anything wrong with that picture? You should. It’s excess fat that you want to lose, not water and intestinal sludge—both of which will just come back again when you resume a “normal” diet. And you certainly don’t want to lose muscle because muscle is so terribly important to your biological well-being and appearance.

Did you know that muscle burns calories 24/7, while fat requires very little metabolic support as it just hangs there? Lose muscle today and you’ll just make it easier to gain weight again tomorrow. And it will get easier and easier to regain weight after each “diet” program ends because of lost muscle.

This is called yo-yo dieting. Some yo-yo dieters lose the same pounds over and over again during their lives, and become even less healthy with each new iteration. It’s a constant struggle if you don’t understand the science and lifestyle requirements that support permanent weight loss.

And what about bone tissue? Heaven knows you don’t want to be losing that!

But the loss of muscle and bone is exactly what happens with the vast majority of these quick weight-loss and special diet approaches that you see and hear advertised day and night.

Do you know why you are exposed to so many ads for quick weight loss? BECAUSE THEY WORK—FOR THE ADVERTISERS. Overweight people are often discouraged because of continued failures. They may even become emotionally distraught. Not understanding biological science, they look for an easy way out, and there are plenty of such offers. Yes, those offers promise quick weight loss, but they don’t promise long-term success, improved health, and a generally improved quality of life. They can’t because the approaches offered are not designed to do those things for you.

Frankly, most people who want to “lose weight” are gullible and will fall for such advertising with little resistance. They want to reverse in a few weeks or months what has taken years if not decades of poor information and some level of self-abuse to create. Guess what. It’s not going to happen. You can’t “lose weight” in this way without losing even more of your health—which is in short supply in the first place if you find yourself overweight.

Oh yes, I forgot … maybe you think you’ll be the exception to the laws of nature. You can hope. The Conveyor Belt to Living Hell is loaded with hopeful people with crossed fingers.

There are healthy ways to reduce your size. Our Reclaim 24 plus a good wellness practitioner will get you where you want to be. Don’t settle for the quick fix, which just as quickly unravels.


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