With prophetic dream symbols you can predict the future like the best psychics in the world or the Best Online Psychic Reading Online. Dreams can show us the right path for us and if we pay close attention to the prophetic symbols we can actually know what will happen. And the most impressive is that it comes naturally, same way as best psychics we can find out there.

One of the most famous prophetic dream symbols are the eyes. Eyes symbolize vision and seeing far away into the deep future. So whenever you see an eye in your dream, it means that you are getting a small preview of what is going on with you in the near future .

There are also personal prophetic dream symbols, that mean that these signs are taken from your daily life and have a meaning only to you. It is like you are dreaming about a parallel universe.Everything looks very familiar but yet, there is something different about this reality. The little symbols are those who are very important when you try to interpret your dream. They emphasize on things that you must be aware of. They are the clues that will change your life, in many cases people are afraid of changes so they ignore the warning signs, and then they complain about their life being boring and unexciting.

There are many prophetic dreams that never come true, and sometimes this is good for you. A warning dream can prevent you from committing mistakes in the future. In fact, sometimes we go away from trouble and we don’t even know it, we remember in our subconsciousness that we need to avoid something.

Dreams that come true clommonly happen after we dreamed of them

Also many dreams that come true do usually happen after we dreamed of them, so we don’t even have the time to know about them before they actually become a reality. For example, you read about an earthquake in the newspaper, this triggers your memory and you suddenly remember that you dreamt about an earthquake.

Prophetic dream symbols usually appear at dawn, in the end of our dreaming cycle, same as the best psychics. At this phase, our brain is very clear, it has already organized all the information and can give us clear signs about our life.

Some of the best psychics today are using dreaming interpretations as a tool to predict the future and it’s proved to have given a reliable perception on almost any issue you might encounter in this magical life.

Some psychics will do a reading that is less predictive and more guidance-based, one that points to areas in your life you can focus on and what energy you can cultivate in your life to meet your goals and develop psychologically and spiritually. These kinds of psychics, or esoteric practitioners, aren’t looking to predict the future. 


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